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GinTing Berries Berries Berries

GinTing Berries Berries Berries

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GinTing Berries Berries Berries: A Berrylicious Exploration for Gin Lovers

Calling all berry enthusiasts and gin aficionados! GinTing Berries Berries Berries is here to tantalise your taste buds with an explosion of summer fruits. This flavoured gin, hailing from St Austell Brewery, takes the classic juniper base and infuses it with a delightful medley of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.

Aromatic Adventure

The first impression of GinTing Berries Berries Berries is a vibrant symphony of berries. Unlike some flavoured gins where artificial sweetness dominates, GinTing offers a natural and fresh aroma. Ripe strawberries take centre stage, mingling with the tart juiciness of blueberries and the sweet-bramble notes of blackberries. A hint of peppery spice from the juniper berries peeks through, adding complexity and ensuring the gin retains its essential character.

Tasting Journey

The initial sip is a burst of berrylicious flavour that lives up to the name. The sweetness is balanced and not overpowering, allowing the individual fruits to shine. Juicy strawberries lead the charge, followed by the tangy tartness of blueberries. Blackberries add a touch of earthy sweetness, while the juniper provides a subtle warmth and a hint of pine in the background. The balance between the fruit flavours and the classic gin botanicals is truly impressive. The finish is clean and refreshing, with lingering hints of berries and a touch of juniper spice.

Gin and Tonic Bliss

GinTing Berries Berries Berries is perfect for crafting delightful gin and tonics.

  • The Classic Serve: Fill a large copa glass with ice. Pour in 50ml of GinTing Berries Berries Berries and top with a premium Mediterranean tonic water. Garnish with a selection of fresh berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or blackberries) for an extra pop of colour and flavour.

Beyond the Tonic

GinTing Berries Berries Berries' versatility extends beyond the classic gin and tonic. Here are some creative serving suggestions to explore the full potential of this berrylicious gin:

  • Fruity Fizz: Combine 35ml GinTing Berries Berries Berries, 20ml fresh lemon juice, 15ml elderflower liqueur, and top with soda water in a champagne flute. Garnish with a fresh raspberry for a delightful summer cocktail.
  • Berry Bramble: Muddle a handful of blackberries in a shaker. Add 50ml GinTing Berries Berries Berries, 25ml fresh lime juice, and 15ml simple syrup. Shake with ice and strain into a rocks glass filled with fresh ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint.
  • Berry Bellini: Combine 35ml GinTing Berries Berries Berries and 100ml chilled peach purée in a champagne flute. Top with a splash of prosecco for a vibrant and refreshing twist on the classic Bellini.

Food Pairings

The berry profile of GinTing Berries Berries Berries makes it a fantastic partner for a variety of dishes. Consider these pairings to elevate your culinary experience:

  • Cheeseboard: Pair GinTing Berries Berries Berries with creamy cheeses like brie, goat cheese, or camembert. The contrasting textures and complementary flavours create a delightful combination.
  • Desserts: GinTing's berry notes complement a range of desserts. Enjoy it with fruit tarts, crumbles, or even a decadent chocolate cake for a touch of fruity intrigue.
  • Savoury Salads: GinTing can also add a touch of fruity flair to savoury dishes. Try it with a summer salad featuring berries, goat cheese, and toasted walnuts.

In Conclusion

GinTing Berries Berries Berries is a delightful and refreshing take on gin. The vibrant berry flavours are perfectly balanced with the juniper base, creating a complex and enjoyable drinking experience. Whether you're a seasoned gin lover or just discovering the world of flavoured gins, GinTing Berries Berries Berries is sure to become a new favourite. With its versatility in cocktails and food pairings, it's a fantastic addition to any home bar. So, why not pick up a bottle today and embark on your own berrylicious gin adventure?


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