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Upperton Vineyards Tenebris Blanc de Noirs

Upperton Vineyards Tenebris Blanc de Noirs

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Upperton Tenebris Blanc de Noirs: A Sparkling Delight from England's Shores

Unveiling a Blanc de Noirs Gem

The Upperton Tenebris Blanc de Noirs is a captivating sparkling wine produced in the heart of England. Don't be fooled by the "blanc" in the name – crafted from black grapes, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, this dazzling wine presents a pale gold hue with delicate bubbles. The name "Tenebris" is a Latin word meaning "darkness," a playful nod to its origins in dark-skinned grapes, yet yielding a stunningly light and vibrant sparkling wine experience.

Aromatic Intrigue

The first encounter with Upperton Tenebris is an aromatic treat. As you raise the flute to your nose, a symphony of aromas unfolds. Fresh red fruits like raspberries and redcurrants take centre stage, mingling with hints of wild strawberries and cherries. Subtle floral notes, reminiscent of violets and rose petals, add a touch of elegance. Underpinning these delightful primary fruit characters, a touch of brioche and biscuit emerges, hinting at the time spent maturing on the lees (spent yeast cells) during the traditional method production.

A Dance on the Palate

The first sip of Upperton Tenebris is a burst of freshness. The lively mousse, a hallmark of the traditional method, tickles the palate with a gentle persistence. The flavours echo the enticing aromas, with red fruits taking the lead. The acidity is bright and well-balanced, adding a refreshing counterpoint to the subtle sweetness. Hints of spice, such as white pepper, add complexity and intrigue. The creamy texture, a result of lees ageing, complements the vibrant fruit characters, leaving a long and satisfying finish.

Food Pairings for Every Occasion

The Upperton Tenebris Blanc de Noirs is a versatile food pairing companion. Its vibrant acidity and delicate fruit notes make it a perfect match for lighter fare. Here are some delectable pairings to elevate your culinary experience:

  • Canapés and Starters: Pair the Tenebris with a selection of canapés featuring smoked salmon, goat cheese with roasted red peppers, or delicate cured meats like prosciutto. It also complements starters like seafood salads, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, or a creamy mushroom risotto.
  • Main Courses:  While typically enjoyed as an apéritif, the Tenebris can also complement lighter main courses. Consider pairing it with pan-seared salmon with a lemon dill sauce, roasted chicken with cherry tomatoes and herbs, or a vegetarian dish like butternut squash ravioli with sage butter.
  • Cheese Platter: The bright acidity of the Tenebris cuts through the richness of cheese beautifully. Opt for a selection of cheeses like creamy brie, tangy goat cheese, or a mild cheddar.
  • Desserts: For a delightful dessert pairing, consider fruit tarts with berries, a decadent chocolate mousse cake, or a selection of fresh seasonal fruits.

A Celebration in Every Glass

Upperton Tenebris Blanc de Noirs is more than just a sparkling wine; it's an experience. Its captivating aromas, vibrant flavours, and refreshing acidity make it a perfect choice for any celebration, from a casual gathering to a special occasion. With its versatility in food pairing, the Tenebris is sure to become a favourite in your sparkling wine repertoire.

In Conclusion

The Upperton Tenebris Blanc de Noirs is a testament to the burgeoning English sparkling wine industry. This delightful Blanc de Noirs offers a captivating drinking experience, showcasing the quality and finesse achievable with these grapes grown on English soil. So, raise a glass and discover the magic of Upperton Tenebris – a sparkling gem waiting to be enjoyed.


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