Monteselva d'Abruzzo, Italy

Monteselva d'Abruzzo, Italy

The Monteselva Winery in Abruzzo has been quite a find for us here at The General Wine Company!  They are a wonderful bunch of people and produce a delicious array of stunning wines made from high quality native Italian grapes.  


This relatively young winery is situated in the heart of Abruzzo, (the 'back of the knee' of Italy,) an area housing the perfect conditions for growing vines.  This stunning rustic countryside is known as 'the green lungs of Europe'.

These delicious grapes include Trebbiano, Pecorino and the plenty of the most well know grape from the region - Montepulciano!
Montepulciano is a grape with a pungent, gamey nose and flavours of blackberries, raisins and a hint of black pepper, it has high tannins, alcohol and acidity blended with a pleasant jamminess, and the Monteselva Montepulciano's are truly delicious!
Monteselva has several vineyards in the area, Città Sant'Angelo and Loreto Aprutino. They enjoy a Mediterranean climate and are protected in the west by the Apennine Mountains, rain from the east provides good irrigation to the calcareous clay soil stretching from the foot of the mountains down to the coast - perfect conditions for growing these amazing native grape varieties.

The brothers themselves, Gabriele and Nicola Dragani combine these exceptional wine-making conditions with huge amounts of creative passion and modern wine-making techniques to create a delicious range of wines.


Monteselva 'Geminus' Montepulciano, Monteselva 'Geminus' Trebbiano, Monteselva 'Geminus' Cerasuolo, Monteselva 'Geminus' Pecorino, Monteselva Tenute Sant'Angelo Montepulciano and Monteselva Ilikias Montepulciano



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