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Chase Distillery Elegant English Gin 48% 70cl

Chase Distillery Elegant English Gin 48% 70cl

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Country:  United Kingdom

Tasting Notes:  The story of Williams Elegant Gin begines with vodka.  It is a relatively unknown fact that gin is made from vodka so unllike other gins Williams Elegant is truly single estate from field to bottle.  Unlike most other gins where a neutral grain spirit is simply redistilled we press our organically grown cider apples from the faimily farm fermentign them into cider then distilling into our Naked Chase.  We then re-distil our Naked Chase with eleven carefully considered wild botanicals and naturally pure water taken from the aquifer running underneath our cider apple orchards.  The result is our full bodied sharp, yet fruity gin with tears and true provenance.  Our botanicals:  Juniper, coriander, angelica, liquorice, orrice, orange, lemon, hops, elderflower and bramley apple.

Product Specifications:

Closure:  Stopper

Alcohol %: 40%

Unit size:  70cl

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