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Wild River Sauvignon Blanc Waipara

Wild River Sauvignon Blanc Waipara

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From New Zealand's renowned Waipara wine region comes Wild River Sauvignon Blanc, a wine that captures the essence of this cool-climate haven. Known for its zesty acidity and bold aromatics, Sauvignon Blanc thrives in Waipara, showcasing a unique expression of this beloved grape variety. Let's delve into Wild River's tasting notes and find the perfect pairings for your next meal or gathering.

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Wild River Sauvignon Blanc presents a pale lemon hue in the glass, with hints of green around the edges, suggesting freshness and vibrancy.
  • Nose: A burst of classic Sauvignon Blanc aromas greets you – think gooseberry, passionfruit, and freshly cut grass. Subtle notes of citrus, like grapefruit and lime, add complexity.
  • Palate: The palate delivers on the promise of the nose. Crisp acidity provides a lively backbone, balanced by ripe tropical fruit flavours and a touch of minerality characteristic of the Waipara region. The finish is clean, refreshing, and leaves you wanting more.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Wild River Sauvignon Blanc is a versatile food companion. Here are some delicious pairings:

  • Seafood: Perfect with oysters on the half shell, grilled white fish, or a classic fish and chips.
  • Salads & Herbs: The wine's acidity cuts through creamy dressings. Try it with a chicken salad loaded with fresh herbs or a tangy goat cheese salad.
  • Asian Cuisine: A lovely complement to Thai green curry, Vietnamese pho, or sushi.
  • Casual Fare: Enjoy a glass with light appetisers or a picnic lunch on a sunny day.

Discovering Wild River Sauvignon Blanc

This wine is a wonderful way to explore the exciting world of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Its approachable style and exceptional value make it a perfect choice for both casual sipping and special occasions.


Wild River Sauvignon Blanc Waipara is a delightful expression of this popular grape variety, showcasing the Waipara region's unique characteristics.  We hope this tasting note has inspired you to experience its vibrant flavours and discover perfect food pairings.


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