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Wessex Distilery Wyvern Spiced Gin

Wessex Distilery Wyvern Spiced Gin

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Unveiling the Mystery: A Deep Dive into Wessex Distillery's Wyvern Spiced Gin

Journey to the heart of Wessex with Wyvern Spiced Gin, a small-batch spirit crafted by the Wessex Distillery. This intriguing gin boasts a complex flavour profile, bursting with botanical intrigue and a touch of local heritage.  Named after the mythical Wyvern, a winged serpent said to guard hidden treasures, this gin promises a unique and captivating drinking experience.

Aromatic Adventure: Exploring Wyvern Spiced Gin's Enticing Bouquet

Aroma:  Pour a measure of Wyvern Spiced Gin into a chilled glass and take a moment to appreciate its captivating aroma.  Juniper, the backbone of any gin, is immediately apparent, offering a crisp, refreshing base.  But Wyvern goes far beyond the ordinary.  Warm notes of cinnamon and nutmeg emerge, hinting at the spirit's spiced character.  Citrus peels, particularly orange and lemon, add a touch of vibrancy, while a whisper of peppery spice adds a layer of intriguing complexity.  The overall impression is inviting, warm, and unlike any gin you've experienced before.

Taste Unveiled: A Symphony of Botanical Delights

Taste:  The first sip of Wyvern Spiced Gin is a revelation.  The juniper provides a dry, crisp foundation, followed by a wave of warming spices.  Cinnamon and nutmeg take centre stage, offering a sweetness that is beautifully balanced by the zesty citrus notes.  Hints of coriander seed add a touch of peppery warmth, while earthy angelica root provides a subtle depth.  The spirit is remarkably smooth and well-rounded, with the alcohol perfectly integrated.  The finish is long and lingering, leaving a pleasant warmth and a lasting impression of the gin's complex character.

A Celebration of Local Heritage: The Story Behind Wyvern Spiced Gin

Wyvern Spiced Gin is more than just a spirit; it's a celebration of Wessex's rich history and a commitment to using locally sourced botanicals.  The Wyvern, the mythical creature that lends its name to the gin, is said to have guarded treasures hidden throughout the Wessex region.  The Wessex Distillery honours this legend by using botanicals grown in the heart of Wessex, ensuring a truly local and unique spirit.

Key characteristics to remember:

  • Juniper base: Wyvern stays true to its gin heritage with a prominent juniper character that provides a dry and refreshing foundation.
  • Warming spices: Cinnamon and nutmeg take centre stage, offering a touch of sweetness and a comforting warmth.
  • Zesty citrus: Orange and lemon peel add a vibrant citrus character that balances the sweetness of the spices.
  • Peppery intrigue: Coriander seed adds a touch of peppery warmth, while angelica root provides a subtle depth.
  • Smooth and well-rounded: The alcohol is perfectly integrated, making for a smooth and easy drinking experience.

Unlocking Wyvern's Potential: Serving Suggestions

Wyvern Spiced Gin's unique character makes it incredibly versatile. Here are some ways to enjoy it:

  • Classic Wyvern & Tonic: For a taste of tradition with a twist, recreate the Gin & Tonic experience with a spiced twist. Fill a glass with ice, add a measure of Wyvern Spiced Gin, top with your favourite tonic water, and garnish with a cinnamon stick and a slice of orange for a warm and inviting drink.
  • Winter Warmer: Embrace the spirit's warming spices with a delicious Winter Warmer cocktail. Combine Wyvern Spiced Gin with apple juice, lemon juice, honey syrup, and a dash of cinnamon for a comforting and festive beverage.
  • Spiced Sour: For a tart and refreshing option, try a Spiced Sour. Combine Wyvern Spiced Gin with fresh lemon juice, egg white (optional for a frothy texture), and simple syrup for a delightful and sophisticated drink.

The Final Sip: A Toast to Wessex and Spiced Innovation

Wyvern Spiced Gin is a remarkable spirit that pushes the boundaries of traditional gin.  With its enticing aroma, captivating flavour profile, and celebration of local heritage, Wyvern offers a unique drinking experience that is sure to tantalise your taste buds and leave a lasting impression.  So, raise a glass, embrace the legend of the Wyvern, and embark on a journey of spiced gin discovery.

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