Wente Vineyards Morning Fog Chardonnay

Wente Vineyards Morning Fog Chardonnay

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Wente Vineyards Morning Fog Chardonnay: A Symphony of Sunshine and Fog

The Wente Vineyards Morning Fog Chardonnay embodies the sun-kissed charm of California's Livermore Valley with a touch of coastal mystique. Named after the cool morning fog that rolls in from the San Francisco Bay, this exceptional Chardonnay reveals an intriguing interplay of fruit, oak, and minerality, resulting in a wine that is both elegant and expressive.

A Captivating Bouquet:

On the nose, the Morning Fog Chardonnay unfolds with light yet alluring notes of sweet cream and vanilla, hinting at the gentle influence of barrel ageing. These creamy notes seamlessly merge with the crisp aroma of D'Anjou pear, adding a vibrant and refreshing dimension. Further exploration reveals delicate whispers of sweet pineapple and lemon curd, adding a touch of tropical brightness and citrus zest. The overall impression is one of harmony and balance, where each aroma plays its part in creating a captivating and inviting bouquet.

A Balanced Palate:

The first sip of the Morning Fog Chardonnay reveals a texture that is both weighty and supple, characteristic of a classic Chardonnay. The oak influence remains understated, providing subtle support rather than overwhelming the palate. The flavours echo the aromatic profile, with ripe pear taking centre stage, complemented by juicy pineapple and tangy lemon curd. Hints of sweet cream and vanilla linger on the finish, leaving a lasting impression of richness and elegance. The acidity is perfectly balanced, ensuring the wine remains lively and refreshing, avoiding any heaviness or cloyingness.

Crafted with Precision:

This exceptional Chardonnay is a testament to the Wente family's dedication to meticulous winemaking. The grapes are sourced from the family's estate vineyards in the Livermore Valley, where the Mediterranean climate and well-drained soils provide ideal conditions for Chardonnay grapes to thrive. To achieve the desired complexity and balance, 50% of the wine undergoes fermentation in neutral American oak barrels, while the remaining 50% ferments in stainless steel tanks. This dual approach allows the wine to retain its vibrant fruit character while incorporating subtle touches of oak influence. The barrel-fermented portion spends five months ageing "sur lie," a process that adds richness and texture to the wine. Regular "bâtonnage," the stirring of the lees, further enhances complexity and mouthfeel. The stainless steel portion undergoes partial lees ageing, preserving the fresh fruit expression. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the final blend is truly harmonious and reflective of the terroir.

More Than Just a Wine:

The Wente Vineyards Morning Fog Chardonnay is more than just a delicious beverage; it is a testament to the Wente family's enduring legacy in Californian winemaking. Since 1883, the family has been shaping the industry with a pioneering spirit and unwavering commitment to quality. C.H. Wente, the family patriarch, planted the first Chardonnay vines in the Livermore Valley in 1908, and his son, Ernest, championed the varietal by importing and propagating high-quality cuttings from France. This resulted in the creation of the now-legendary "Wente Clone," which today forms the backbone of many esteemed Californian Chardonnays. The Morning Fog Chardonnay embodies this rich history and family passion, offering a glimpse into the dedication and expertise that goes into every bottle.

Food Pairings:

The versatility of the Morning Fog Chardonnay makes it a perfect companion for a variety of culinary experiences. Its balanced acidity and elegant character make it a delightful partner for lighter fare. Imagine this Chardonnay gracefully complementing the creamy richness of baked lemon chicken, highlighting the citrus notes and adding a touch of oaky complexity. Similarly, it pairs beautifully with Havarti cheese, where its richness balances the creamy texture of the cheese and its acidity cuts through the fattiness. For a more casual pairing, consider enjoying the wine with mixed nuts, where the toasted notes of the nuts echo the oak influence in the wine, creating a harmonious interplay of flavours.

Beyond the Bottle:

The Wente Vineyards Morning Fog Chardonnay is an invitation to experience the unique character of the Livermore Valley and the enduring legacy of the Wente family. With each sip, you embark on a journey that unfolds with the warmth of California sunshine and the refreshing touch of the coastal fog. Whether enjoyed on a special occasion or a casual evening, this Chardonnay promises to elevate the experience and leave you wanting more.

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