Wente Vineyards Sandstone Merlot

Wente Vineyards Sandstone Merlot

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Wente Vineyards Sandstone Merlot: A Symphony of Red Fruits and Earth

The Wente Vineyards Sandstone Merlot is a captivating expression of the Californian terroir, showcasing five generations of family expertise and meticulous craftsmanship. Crafted from sun-kissed grapes grown on hillside vineyards in the Central Coast, this exceptional wine unfolds its story through a tapestry of aromas and flavours, inviting you to discover the essence of the Sandstone series.

A Rich and Balanced Bouquet:

Upon swirling the wine in your glass, a captivating bouquet unfolds, revealing its full complexity. Ripe red cherry and plum, bursting with sweetness and juiciness, take centre stage. These vibrant fruit notes are complemented by creamy oak tones, reminiscent of sweet caramel and vanilla bean. The oak influence, carefully applied through French and American barrels, adds a touch of richness and depth without overwhelming the primary fruit character. Hints of white pepper, cardamom, and graphite weave through the aroma, offering intriguing layers of spice and minerality. As the wine breathes, these nuances continue to develop, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving olfactory experience.

A Smooth and Elegant Palate:

The Sandstone Merlot seamlessly translates its alluring bouquet onto the palate. Its supple texture, courtesy of carefully integrated tannins, is beautifully balanced. The initial impression is a burst of ripe red fruit, echoing the dominant notes of cherry and plum from the nose. The subtle sweetness is quickly balanced by a refreshing acidity, ensuring the wine remains lively and vibrant. The creamy oak influence, now joined by hints of toasted bread, emerges on the mid-palate, adding richness and complexity. The delicate interplay of fruit, spice, and earth persists through the lingering finish, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and sophistication.

A Legacy of Excellence:

This exceptional Merlot is not simply a product of chance; it embodies the Wente family's unwavering commitment to excellence. Since 1883, five generations have dedicated themselves to crafting exceptional wines that express the unique characteristics of their vineyards and winemaking expertise. The Livermore Valley, with its long history of Bordeaux varietal cultivation, serves as the heartland for the Wente family's passion. The Sandstone Merlot, however, ventures beyond the traditional boundaries, drawing grapes from sun-drenched hillsides on the Central Coast. These hillside vineyards, characterised by their namesake sandstone soils, impart a unique minerality and structure to the wine, further differentiating it from its Livermore Valley counterparts.

Crafted with Meticulous Care:

The journey of the Sandstone Merlot begins in the meticulously cared-for vineyards. Each grape is hand-picked and sorted to ensure only the finest fruit makes its way into the winery. Fermentation takes place under controlled temperatures in upright stainless steel tanks, allowing for gentle extraction of colour and flavour. Following fermentation, the wine is aged for twelve months in French and American oak barrels. This careful ageing process allows the fruit character to further develop and harmoniously integrate with the subtle oak influence.

Beyond the Bottle:

The Sandstone Merlot is not just a delicious wine; it is an invitation to experience the rich tapestry of the Wente family legacy. With each sip, you join a generations-long journey of passion, innovation, and dedication to crafting exceptional wines. This Merlot is a versatile companion, perfectly complementing a variety of culinary experiences. Its bright acidity and subtle earthiness pair beautifully with rich pasta dishes, grilled meats, and aged cheeses. For a lighter pairing, consider roasted vegetables or herb-roasted chicken, where the vibrant fruit notes can truly shine.

A Toast to Generations:

Raise a glass of Wente Vineyards Sandstone Merlot, and embark on a sensory journey through Californian red wine excellence. From the captivating bouquet to the balanced and lingering finish, this wine is a testament to the Wente family's enduring legacy. With each sip, you celebrate not only the exceptional craftsmanship but also the generations of passion and dedication poured into every bottle.

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