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Weingut Gunderloch - Nackenheim Rothenberg Riesling Spatlese - 750ml

Weingut Gunderloch

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Main Grape:Riesling
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According to the philosophy of the Hasselbach family wine is created in the vineyards. Humans can only accompany the creation process and should intervene as little as possible. In their understanding it is never the right way to put their demands over the need of the vineyards. They try to find the right measures to help the vine to find its natural balance in the given circumstances of the growing season. They want to train the vine away from a yield-driven thinking to a more balance seeking approach. Throughout our the work with the vines the growing season in the vineyard and the vinification process in the winery its the guidline of the Hasselbach family to always seek harmony and balance. Conscientious interaction with nature is an absolute imperative and they treat their vineyards as an irreplaceable treasure. They strive to intervene less and less in the course of nature and focus on their goal of sustaining this natural treasure for future generations. And this is how the wines should taste: unmistakable Ambassadors of our Terroir. Therfore Riesling as the Terroir variety plays the main role in our vinery. 85% of our 24 ha of vineyards are devoted to Riesling. But also Silvaner Gewrrztraminer and Pinot Noir play a more and more important role. In addition we also own smaller plantings of Pinot blanc Pinot gris Sauvignon blanc and Portugieser. In the future you will find detailed informations of our wines here. The Rothenberg Vineyard encompasses around 20 hectares directly on the Rhine River on the north end of the Roter Hang between Nackenheim and Nierstein. Around 5 hectares of this comprise the heart of the Rothenberg. The vineyard has a slope of 30 to 80% and is comprised of 290-million-year-old red shale plates. Family Hasselbach of the Gunderloch Estate own around 4.5 hectares of this prime vineyard made up predominantly of very steep parcels. The Nackenheimer Rothenberg is without question our most prominent vineyard mountain. It yields wines of striking mineral character paired with a broad spectrum of expressive spice and fruit aromas.

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