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Tamdhu - Batch Strength - 700ml


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Tamdhu set out to construct the most advanced distillery yet devised. Having first acquired a unique site on the banks of the River Spey, they enlisted the ingenuity of Charles C Doig Esq - the pre-eminent distillery architect and engineer of the day. Doig insisted upon employing only the most advanced techniques of whisky production, delivering unrivalled consistency and quality. This ensured every drop was as magnificent as the one before. What Doig designed and built was nothing less than the most pioneering distillery of the age. A water wheel positioned beneath the floor for optimum performance, kilns redesigned to reduce heat loss and waste extracted by Archimedean Screw, direct to the distillerys own railway station. Few names other than Tamdhu so embody the Can-Dhu-Spirit of our grand Industrial Age. A Tamdhu for the devoted malt fan, this magnificent edition is bottled un-chillfiltered at natural colour and high strength. Each batch is unique and varies slightly in style and intensity;As with every bottle of Tamdhu, once distilled it is matured exclusively in hand-selected sherry oak casks. Our oak is amongst the finest in the industry, with a high proportion being first-fill and teeming with flavour;Finally, patience is required to allow these fine casks to do their work, giving Tamdhu its deep colour and exquisite quality. On the nose, fragrant red berries, walnuts and hints of pecan mix with delicate citrus, creamy vanilla and a touch of cookie dough. The palate bursts with intense richness, rounded with spice, sherry and dried fruit. 

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