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Szepsy Szamorodini Tokaji 50cl

Szepsy Szamorodini Tokaji 50cl

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Country:  Hungary
Region:  Tokaji

Grape variety:  Furmint


A Legacy of Tokaj Excellence: The Szepsy Family's Unwavering Pursuit of Perfection

Since the 1500s, the Szepsy family has been a cornerstone of Tokaj winemaking, steadfast in their unwavering commitment to producing grapes of unparalleled quality. Their 50-hectare estate, nestled amidst the region's volcanic slopes, boasts vines averaging 40 years of age, deeply rooted in a terroir renowned for its exceptional complexity.

The Szepsy name is inextricably woven into the very fabric of Tokaj Aszú winemaking. In 1631, Szepsy Laczkó Máté penned the first documented method for crafting this renowned sweet wine, marking a pivotal moment in Tokaj's rich history. Eighteen generations later, under the astute leadership of István Szepsy, the family's legacy continues to flourish. With each passing era, the Szepsy name has become synonymous with an unwavering pursuit of perfection, a tradition that is wholeheartedly embraced by the younger generations.

Today, the Szepsy family remains the epitome of Tokaj excellence, their wines captivating connoisseurs worldwide with their elegance, depth, and harmonious balance. Their unwavering dedication to quality, deeply rooted in their ancestral heritage, ensures that the Szepsy name will forever remain synonymous with the finest Tokaj wines.

Tasting Notes:  Despite the high residual sugar levels in this wine it is still fresh and light, full of dried fruit flavours, a little citrus and some minerality and hints of botrytis flavour from the grapes within.

Product Specifications:

Closure: Cork

Alcohol %:  11%

Unit size:  50cl

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