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Sula Vineyards Chenin Blanc

Sula Vineyards Chenin Blanc

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Sula Vineyards Chenin Blanc: A Refreshing Treat from India's Nashik Valley

Discover the delightful allure of Sula Vineyards Chenin Blanc, a vibrant white wine hailing from India's esteemed Nashik wine region. This off-dry expression of Chenin Blanc offers a captivating blend of tropical fruit flavours, balanced by a refreshing acidity that makes it an ideal choice for both casual sipping and food pairings.

Appearance: Sula Chenin Blanc presents a pale straw-yellow hue in the glass, with subtle hints of green at the edges.

Aroma:  The nose is immediately greeted by aromas of ripe tropical fruits, including pineapple, mango, and a touch of guava. These fruity notes are intertwined with delicate floral hints of honeysuckle and a subtle minerality.

Palate: On the palate, the wine showcases a medium-bodied texture with a pleasing balance of sweetness and acidity. The tropical fruit flavours carry through, accompanied by notes of ripe pear, candied citrus, and a hint of honey. The finish is crisp and refreshing, leaving a lingering impression of fruitiness.

Food Pairing Suggestions: Sula Chenin Blanc's versatile nature makes it a delightful pairing with a variety of cuisines. Its vibrant flavours and subtle sweetness complement lightly spiced dishes, such as those found in Thai or Vietnamese cuisine. The wine also pairs exceptionally well with seafood, salads, and mildly flavoured cheeses.

About Sula Vineyards: Sula Vineyards is a pioneering winery in India's burgeoning wine scene. Located in the Nashik Valley, it has played an  instrumental role in introducing world-class winemaking practices to the region. Sula's commitment to sustainable viticulture and quality wine production is evident in every bottle.

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