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Stoli Elit Vodka - 700ml

Stoli Elit Vodka - 700ml

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Country:  Latvia

About:  Vote the world's best ultra-premium vodka for a reason.  Nothing else even comes close to Elit Vodka.  Scoring a 'superlative' 97/100 in the category, plus 11x Best Vodka and 11x Platinum Medal Winner, Elit is the standard bearer for high quality vodka rich in taste and clarity with our -18 degrees c freeze-filtering technology inspired by ancient vodka-making dicoveries, distillers precisely control all aspects of production before the finished liquid is bottled by hand, pushing the limits of what it means to be vodka.  

Slowly fermented top quality grain is distilled 3 times creating a spirit so pure that no traces of methanol can be found.  The spirit is then blended with Artesian well water from a 200m deep Artesian well.  the high-tech Latvijas Balzams facility in riga then filters the spirit through super-fine quartz sand to remove any further impurities and then through birch wood charcoal leaving a filtered, untainted spirit.  Finally, and to ensure perfection, the spirit goes through the unique Signature Freeze-filtration process at -18 degrees c, passed at an ultra-slow velocity through Ion-charged filters and then allowed to rest.

Tasting Notes:  The result is flawless clarity, a rolling mouthfeel and a presence in the glass unlike any other.

Product Specifications:

Closure:  Stopper

Alcohol %: 40%

Unit size:  70cl

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