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Rum Ting 42.5% 70cl

Rum Ting 42.5% 70cl

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Rum Ting 42.5% 70cl

A refreshing and tropical rum infused with passionfruit, mango, and elderflower.

Rum Ting is a delicious and refreshing rum infused with a blend of passionfruit, mango, and elderflower. It is made with Guyanese rum, which is known for its smooth and fruity flavour. The passionfruit, mango, and elderflower add a tropical twist, creating a rum that is both sweet and tart.

Rum Ting has a light golden colour and a vibrant aroma. The nose is filled with notes of passionfruit, mango, and elderflower. The palate is smooth and fruity, with a refreshing acidity. The finish is long and lingering, with hints of tropical sweetness.

Rum Ting is perfect for sipping on its own or mixing into cocktails. It can be enjoyed on the rocks, with a splash of soda, or in a tropical cocktail like a Mai Tai or a Rum Punch.

Rum Ting is a great choice for anyone who loves fruity and tropical flavours. It is also a good option for those who are looking for a lower-alcohol rum.

Here are some of the key features of Rum Ting:

  • Made with Guyanese rum
  • Infused with passionfruit, mango, and elderflower
  • 42.5% ABV
  • Light golden colour
  • Vibrant aroma of passionfruit, mango, and elderflower
  • Smooth and fruity palate
  • Refreshing acidity
  • Long and lingering finish

Here are some of the ways to enjoy Rum Ting:

  • Sip on it neat
  • Add a splash of soda
  • Mix it into a tropical cocktail
  • Use it as a flavouring agent in desserts or sauces

Rum Ting is a delicious and versatile rum that is perfect for any occasion. Order your bottle today!

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