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Rare Bird Spiced Gin 42% 70cl

Rare Bird Spiced Gin 42% 70cl

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Country:  North Yorkshire, England


Introducing Rare Bird Vanilla Spiced Gin, a unique and delicious gin that is perfect for the winter months.

 Rare Bird Vanilla Spiced Gin is a versatile gin that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. It can be sipped neat on a cold winter's night, or added to cocktails to create warming and festive drinks.

Here are a few cocktail recipes that you can try with Rare Bird Vanilla Spiced Gin:

  • French 75: Combine 2 oz. Rare Bird Vanilla Spiced Gin, 3/4 oz. lemon juice, and 3/4 oz. simple syrup in a shaker with ice. Shake until well-chilled, then strain into a chilled flute. Top with sparkling wine and garnish with a lemon twist.
  • Winter Spiced Negroni: Combine 1 oz. Rare Bird Vanilla Spiced Gin, 1 oz. Campari, and 1 oz. sweet vermouth in a rocks glass with ice. Stir until well-chilled, then garnish with an orange twist.
  • Vanilla Spiced Hot Toddy: Combine 2 oz. Rare Bird Vanilla Spiced Gin, 4 oz. hot water, 1 tsp. honey, and a cinnamon stick in a mug. Stir until the honey is dissolved, then garnish with a lemon wedge.

Tasting Notes: 

 This gin is made with a blend of botanicals, including star anise, allspice, cloves, ginger root, and Madagascan Bourbon vanilla pods. The result is a gin that is full of rich, complex flavours and a beautiful burnt amber colour.

On the nose, you will get hints of charred orange peel, a touch of cracked black pepper, and sweet cinnamon rolls. Those elements absolutely follow through onto the palate, with waves of warming spice and a lovely sweetness from the vanilla.


Product Specifications:

Closure:  Stopper

Alcohol %:  42%

Unit size:  70cl

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