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Opihr Arabian Gin

Opihr Arabian Gin

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Opihr Arabian Edition Gin: A Journey Through Spice and Citrus

Embark on a sensory adventure with Opihr Arabian Edition Gin, a captivating spirit that transcends the ordinary. Inspired by the ancient spice routes of the Arabian Peninsula, this London Dry Gin artfully blends classic botanicals with exotic ingredients, resulting in a taste profile that is both intriguing and delightful.

Aromatic Tapestry

The first encounter with Opihr Arabian Edition is an explosion of citrus and spice. Juniper, the quintessential gin botanical, forms the foundation, offering a familiar warmth. However, it is quickly joined by the vibrant zest of Persian black lemons. Unlike their yellow cousins, black lemons boast a sweeter, more concentrated citrus character, thanks to a unique drying process. This unique ingredient lends a depth and complexity that is both unexpected and captivating.

Complementing the citrus notes is a subtle hint of pepper. This isn't your average black peppercorn, though. Opihr Arabian Edition incorporates Timut pepper, a special variety native to Nepal. Timut peppers are known for their unique flavour profile, offering a citrusy zing alongside a gentle numbing sensation. It's a subtle touch that adds another layer of intrigue to the gin's aroma.

On the Palate: A Symphony of Flavours

The initial sip of Opihr Arabian Edition is a revelation. The juniper backbone provides a sturdy structure, while the Persian black lemon explodes with concentrated citrus sweetness. Unlike the sharp acidity of regular lemons, the black lemons offer a smoother, more rounded profile that is incredibly inviting.

As the gin develops on the palate, the warmth of the juniper mingles with the zesty notes of Timut pepper. The numbing sensation is subtle, but it adds a touch of intrigue and complexity to the overall flavour. Hints of other botanicals, like galangal (a relative of ginger), emerge in the background, adding a touch of warmth and spice.

The finish of Opihr Arabian Edition is clean and lingering. The citrus and spice notes slowly fade, leaving a pleasant warmth on the palate. It's a finish that invites another sip, encouraging you to delve deeper into the gin's captivating flavour profile.

Serving Suggestions to Unlock the Magic

Opihr Arabian Edition's unique flavour profile makes it a versatile gin, perfect for crafting a variety of cocktails. Here are a few suggestions to help you unlock its full potential:

  • The Classic Gin & Tonic: For a simple yet elegant drink, pair Opihr Arabian Edition with a high-quality Indian tonic water. Garnish with a slice of Persian black lemon (if available) or a grapefruit twist to accentuate the citrus notes.
  • The Spicy Citrus Twist: For a cocktail with a bit more complexity, try the "Spicy Citrus Martini." Combine 2 ounces of Opihr Arabian Edition with 1 ounce of fresh grapefruit juice and 0.5 ounces of dry vermouth. Shake well with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a grapefruit twist and a sprinkle of Timut pepper for an added kick.
  • The Arabian Spice Journey: Take your taste buds on a true Arabian adventure with the "Spicy Fig Collins." Muddle 2-3 fresh figs with a dash of simple syrup in a shaker. Add 2 ounces of Opihr Arabian Edition, 1 ounce of lemon juice, and a splash of soda water. Shake well and strain into a tall glass filled with ice. Garnish with a fig wedge and a sprig of mint.

A Gin for the Discerning Drinker

Opihr Arabian Edition Gin is a must-try for any gin enthusiast who appreciates a spirit that pushes boundaries. Its unique blend of classic botanicals with exotic ingredients creates a flavour profile that is both familiar and surprising. Whether you enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or in a crafted cocktail, Opihr Arabian Edition promises a truly unforgettable drinking experience.

Looking to Explore the World of Opihr Gin?

At The General Wine, we are proud to offer Opihr Arabian Edition Gin alongside a wide range of other gins from around the world. Visit our website or our store in Liphook to discover your new favourite spirit.

Key characteristics:

  • Nose: Richly intense citrus and spice-led gin with concentrated lemon notes, soft juniper, and hints of pepper.
  • Palate: Juniper backbone balanced by concentrated sweetness of Persian black lemons, subtle warmth from Timut pepper, and hints of other botanicals.
  • Finish: Clean and lingering with fading citrus and spice notes.


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