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Naud French Vodka 40% 70cl

Naud French Vodka 40% 70cl

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French Elegance Bottled: Explore Pot Still Vodka from Distillerie de Pinthiers

Luxurious French Vodka: Experience the smooth and sophisticated taste of pot still vodka, crafted with a dedication to tradition and local ingredients.

Family Legacy: Distillerie de Pinthiers, a family-owned distillery spanning five generations, carries on the legacy of bold master distillers, dating back to 1923.

Unique Sixth Distillation: Our vodka undergoes a unique six-step distillation process, including a final pass through small copper stills, for unparalleled smoothness and character.

Locally Sourced Ingredients: We use the finest winter wheats grown on the fertile lands of the North-East Paris Basin, alongside naturally filtered water from our estate's limestone soils.

French Terroir: Discover the pure expression of French elegance in every sip of our vodka, a true testament to the diverse and rich terroirs of France.

Explore the Distillery: Nestled in the heart of the Cognac region, our hidden gem of a distillery boasts a 19th-century grain mill with an authentic paddle wheel, creating a truly unique and historical experience.

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