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Mollydooker Wines The Boxer Shiraz

Mollydooker Wines The Boxer Shiraz

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Mollydooker's The Boxer Shiraz: Packing a Punch in Every Sip

Calling all Shiraz lovers! Strap yourselves in for a knockout with Mollydooker's The Boxer. This McLaren Vale Shiraz isn't messing around; it's a full-bodied beauty that explodes with flavour and lives up to its name in the best way possible.

First Impression: A Knockout Right Out the Bottle

The very first glimpse of The Boxer will put a smile on your face. The label features a cartoon of a rather burly boxer with an uncanny resemblance to the winery's founders, Sarah and Sparky Marquis. It's a playful touch that hints at the bold personality this Shiraz possesses. Pour yourself a glass, and you're greeted by a deep, inky colour that promises a flavour fiesta.

On the Nose: A Symphony of Fruit and Spice

Take a deep breath and prepare to be transported to a Shiraz wonderland. The aroma is a complex mix of ripe black fruits like blackberry and plum, with hints of peppery spice and a touch of vanilla and mocha. Imagine a freshly baked plum and spice crumble, with a whisper of dark chocolate thrown in for good measure. It's enticing and oh-so inviting.

On the Palate: Where Power Meets Elegance

The first sip of The Boxer is like a friendly jab – full-bodied and bursting with flavour. Don't be fooled by the power, though. This Shiraz is surprisingly elegant. The tannins are smooth and velvety, leaving a luxurious texture on your tongue. The dominant flavours are those of black fruit, perfectly complemented by subtle oak and vanilla notes. Hints of liquorice add a touch of intrigue, making this a truly captivating drinking experience.

Food Pairings: The Meatier the Better

The Boxer Shiraz is a champion when it comes to food pairings. Its bold personality begs for equally robust dishes. Think grilled steaks, juicy lamb chops, or rich stews. Hearty vegetarian options like portobello mushroom burgers or lentil Shepherd's pie can also stand up to this Shiraz's power. Don't forget the cheeseboard! Aged cheddar, gouda, or a creamy blue cheese will find perfect harmony with The Boxer's fruit and spice notes.

A Knockout Finish

The finish of The Boxer is long and luxurious, leaving a lingering taste of dark fruit and spice. It's a satisfying end to a truly impressive wine.

The Verdict: A Must-Try for Shiraz Enthusiasts

Mollydooker's The Boxer Shiraz is a must-try for any Shiraz lover. It's a full-bodied, flavourful wine with a touch of elegance. The playful label and knockout taste make it a perfect choice for a special occasion or simply a night in with good food and great company. So, if you're looking for a Shiraz that packs a punch (in the best way possible), look no further than The Boxer. It's a guaranteed knockout!

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