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Metaxa - Five Stars

Metaxa - Five Stars

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Unveiling the Essence of Greece: A Detailed Tasting Guide to Metaxa 5 Stars

For over a century, Metaxa has embodied the spirit of Greece, offering a unique amber elixir that tantalises the taste buds and captures the essence of the Mediterranean.  Amongst its esteemed expressions, Metaxa 5 Stars stands as a timeless classic, revered for its smooth character and delightful complexity.

This detailed tasting guide, brought to you by The General Wine, delves into the world of Metaxa 5 Stars, exploring its intricate flavour profile, ideal serving suggestions, and the fascinating story behind its creation.

A Marriage of Tradition and Innovation: The Birth of Metaxa

The story of Metaxa begins in 1888, with the vision of a man named Spyros Metaxa. Inspired by the vibrant flavours of Greece, he embarked on a mission to create a spirit unlike any other. His ingenious solution?  Marrying the sweetness of Muscat wines from Aegean islands like Samos and Lemnos with aged wine distillates and a touch of secret Mediterranean botanicals. This unique combination resulted in Metaxa, a spirit that transcended the boundaries of brandy and cognac, carving its own distinctive path in the world of beverages.

A Feast for the Senses: Exploring the Depths of Metaxa 5 Stars

Visual Delight: Metaxa 5 Stars boasts a luminous amber hue with golden highlights. As you swirl the spirit in your glass, its rich viscosity becomes evident, hinting at the depth of flavour to come.

Aromatic Enchantment: The first whiff of Metaxa 5 Stars is an invitation to a sun-drenched Greek landscape.  Aromatic notes of orange blossom and rose petals intertwine with hints of ripe apricot, creating a vibrant and floral bouquet. As the spirit opens up, subtle whispers of honey, vanilla, and a touch of violet emerge, adding further complexity to the aroma.

The Exquisite Dance on the Palate: The first sip of Metaxa 5 Stars is a revelation.  An initial wave of sweetness, characteristic of the Muscat wines, gives way to a delightful balance of flavours.  Ripe peaches and apricots mingle with hints of raisins and a touch of brioche, creating a smooth and harmonious mouthfeel. The influence of the aged wine distillates becomes apparent in the subtle oaky notes that linger in the background, adding a touch of elegance to the overall experience.

A Lingering Impression: The finish of Metaxa 5 Stars is as pleasant as its initial taste.  Delicate notes of light oak and almond linger on the palate, leaving a lasting impression of warmth and sophistication.

Unlocking the Potential: Serving Suggestions for Every Occasion

Metaxa 5 Stars is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. Here are some suggestions to help you unlock its full potential:

  • Neat: For the true connoisseur, Metaxa 5 Stars shines brightest when savoured neat.  Pour a generous measure into a snifter glass, warm it slightly by cupping the glass in your hands, and take a slow sip to appreciate the intricate symphony of flavours.
  • On the Rocks: Enjoy Metaxa 5 Stars on the rocks for a refreshing twist.  Large ice cubes will slowly dilute the spirit, allowing the floral and fruity notes to blossom gradually.
  • Classic Cocktails:  Metaxa 5 Stars adds a unique Greek touch to classic cocktails.  Try substituting cognac or brandy in recipes for a delightful twist. For a refreshing summer option,  explore the Greek Negroni, which combines Metaxa with Campari and sweet vermouth.
  • Long Drinks: Metaxa 5 Stars pairs beautifully with a variety of mixers.  Combine it with ginger ale for a light and bubbly spritzer, or mix it with tonic water and a squeeze of lime for a refreshing highball.
  • Food Pairings:  Due to its balanced sweetness and subtle oaky notes, Metaxa 5 Stars complements a wide range of culinary delights.  Pair it with creamy cheeses, cured meats, fruit desserts, or even enjoy it alongside rich chocolate desserts.

The General Wine: Your Gateway to the World of Metaxa

At The General Wine, we are passionate about bringing you the finest spirits from around the world.  Metaxa 5 Stars is a testament to Greek innovation and tradition, offering a unique flavour experience that is sure to tantalise your taste buds.  Browse our extensive selection of Metaxa expressions and embark on your own Greek odyssey of flavour discovery.  For further information or to purchase your bottle of Metaxa 5 Stars, visit our website or contact our friendly staff today.


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