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McHenry Hohnen Rocky Road Cabernet Merlot

McHenry Hohnen Rocky Road Cabernet Merlot

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McHenry Hohnen Rocky Road Cabernet Merlot: A Journey Through Margaret River

The McHenry Hohnen Rocky Road Cabernet Merlot is a captivating red blend that hails from the renowned Margaret River wine region in Western Australia. Produced by the McHenry Hohnen vintners, a family dedicated to minimal intervention winemaking and sustainable practices, this wine embodies the spirit of Margaret River – a place where Bordeaux varietals thrive under the influence of a cool, Mediterranean climate.

Aromatic Exploration: A Symphony of Black Fruits and Subtle Nuances

The first encounter with the McHenry Hohnen Rocky Road Cabernet Merlot is a delightful exploration of aromas. The bouquet opens with a burst of black fruit – think ripe blackberries, cassis (blackcurrants), and a touch of brooding plum. These primary fruit notes are intertwined with intriguing secondary characteristics. Hints of sweet liquorice and black olive add a touch of savoury complexity, while whispers of dark chocolate provide a touch of elegance. Underpinning all these elements is a subtle earthiness, grounding the aroma profile and hinting at the wine's connection to the terroir.

On the Palate: A Silky Embrace with Layers of Flavour

The first sip of the McHenry Hohnen Rocky Road Cabernet Merlot reveals a beautifully textured palate. The wine possesses a remarkable silkiness, coating the mouth with a luxurious sensation. This smooth texture is complemented by a delightful dance of flavours. Forest fruits, reminiscent of the initial aromas, come to the fore, with cassis taking centre stage. As the wine lingers on the palate, hints of sweet cola emerge, adding a touch of unexpected intrigue.

The mid-palate is further enriched by savoury tobacco notes, introducing a layer of complexity that keeps the interest piqued. The tannins, reminiscent of velvety cocoa, provide a gentle structure without overwhelming the overall smoothness. Hints of sweet spice, likely imparted by oak ageing, add a touch of warmth and grace to the finish.

A Wine for Food Pairing and Contemplation

The McHenry Hohnen Rocky Road Cabernet Merlot is a versatile wine that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with a variety of dishes. Its bold fruit character and savoury undertones make it a perfect complement to red meat dishes such as grilled lamb or roasted venison. It can also hold its own against rich pasta dishes with meat sauces or hearty stews.

Beyond its culinary applications, the McHenry Hohnen Rocky Road Cabernet Merlot is a wine that invites contemplation. The interplay of fruit, spice, and earthiness creates a captivating flavour profile that lingers on the palate long after the last sip. This is a wine for savouring, allowing its nuances to unfold gradually and reveal the dedication to quality that lies at the heart of McHenry Hohnen's philosophy.

In Conclusion: A Testament to Margaret River Excellence

The McHenry Hohnen Rocky Road Cabernet Merlot stands as a testament to the excellence that can be achieved in Margaret River. This meticulously crafted blend offers a captivating exploration of aromas and flavours, showcasing the region's potential for producing world-class Cabernet Merlot. With its beautiful texture, intriguing complexity, and versatility at the table, the McHenry Hohnen Rocky Road Cabernet Merlot is a wine that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


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