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London No.1 Original Blue Gin 47% 70cl

London No.1 Original Blue Gin 47% 70cl

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Country:  England

About:  The London No. 1 one of a handful of gins actually distilled in London was created to echo the complex and full bodied gins of yesteryear albeit with a modern twist a striking turquoise-blue colour derived from maceration with gardenia flowers.

The highest quality Suffolk and Norfolk grain is used in distillation and the small batch &;ldquopot still&;rdquo method ensures a consistent quality. Finally the inclusion of 12 carefully selected botanicals makes The London No. 1 a gin to be savoured.

In line with the classic gins of yesteryear juniper coriander and angelica feature in the recipe, the first two botanicals imparting fragrance and spiciness whilst angelica together with orris root give body and structure to the other botanicals. A zesty freshness comes from liquorice root.

The London No. 1 is unique in that it also has a final fusion of bergamot oil in the mix that instantly recognisable perfumed aroma in Earl Grey tea. Its citric qualities marry beautifully with the fellow fresh juicy flavours of orange and lemon peel whilst the bergamot also reinforces the role of orris root. These are perfectly offset with the thyme-like aromatics of savory whilst the sweet spicy notes of cinnamon and cassia bark complete the recipe.

Tasting Notes:  Rested for three weeks after distillation the result is a real modern classic. At a generous 47% abv The London No. 1 is delicate and elegant on the nose with marked spicy and balsamic nots. It is soft elegant and mellow in the mouth with a long refreshing finish a sophisticated well rounded gin that delivers in every area.

Product Specifications:

Closure:  Stopper

Alcohol %:  47%

Unit size:  70cl

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