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Le Bignele Valpolicella Classico

Le Bignele Valpolicella Classico

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Le Bignele Valpolicella Classico: A Timeless Taste of the Veneto


Hailing from the esteemed Valpolicella Classico zone in Italy's Veneto region, Le Bignele Valpolicella Classico embodies the elegance and tradition of this celebrated winemaking area. Crafted with meticulous care by the Aldrighetti family, this wine showcases the unique character imparted by the region's indigenous grape varieties and time-honoured winemaking methods.


In the glass, Le Bignele Valpolicella Classico displays a vibrant ruby red hue with subtle garnet reflections, hinting at its moderate ageing. The wine's clarity is excellent, and gentle swirling reveals delicate legs that showcase its pleasing viscosity.


The nose presents a captivating bouquet of red fruits, with dominant notes of ripe cherry, wild strawberry, and a hint of red plum. Delicate floral nuances of violet and rose petals intertwine with subtle hints of spice, including white pepper and a touch of clove. As the wine opens up, subtle earthy notes and a touch of vanilla emerge, adding complexity and depth.


On the palate, Le Bignele Valpolicella Classico offers a harmonious balance of fruit, acidity, and tannins. The ripe cherry and red berry flavours carry through from the nose, complemented by a refreshing tartness reminiscent of cranberries. The tannins are well-integrated, providing structure and a silky texture without being overpowering. Notes of dried herbs and a hint of tobacco leaf emerge on the mid-palate, leading to a lingering, savoury finish.

Overall Impression & Food Pairings

Le Bignele Valpolicella Classico is a medium-bodied red wine that exudes refinement and versatility. Its vibrant fruit character, balanced acidity, and moderate tannins make it an ideal food pairing partner. Enjoy this wine with classic Italian dishes such as pasta with rich tomato sauces, grilled meats, roasted vegetables, or a selection of aged cheeses.

In Conclusion

Le Bignele Valpolicella Classico is an excellent representation of the Valpolicella Classico style. Its balance of fruit, acidity, and structure make it an approachable and enjoyable wine for both casual sipping and pairing with a variety of dishes. Wine enthusiasts seeking a classic Italian red with a sense of place will find much to appreciate in this delightful offering from Le Bignele.

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