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La Altena Distillery - Tapatio Tequila Anejo - 500ml

La Altena Distillery

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Nose: Richer and noticeably more creamy than the younger expressions with the agave more in the background and the rampant spice and peppers more rounded and subtle. Palate: Medium-full. Deliciously smooth with some cocoa and extra wood spices (cinnamon some clove) perfectly mingling with the ever-present pepper and vegetal nots from the agave. Worryingly drinkable. Finish: Still spicy and mouth-coating with a herbaceousness not present in the younger expressions. The extra complexity from 18 months ageing is most obvious in the finish as the rich agave slowly fades from the tastebuds. Comment: Fascinating - one taste just isnt enough. An incredibly more-ish anejo.

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