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Hayman's Gin Peach and Rose Cup

Hayman's Gin Peach and Rose Cup

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Hayman's Gin Peach and Rose Cup: A Summer Delight in a Bottle


Looking for a gin that captures the essence of a quintessential British summer? Look no further than Hayman's Gin Peach and Rose Cup. This unique spirit, bursting with fresh peach, fragrant rose, and juicy orchard fruits, is a delightful twist on the classic London Dry Gin.

Aromatic Adventure: A Burst of Summer Sunshine

The first impression upon pouring Hayman's Peach and Rose Cup is a vibrant explosion of summer fruits. Ripe peaches take centre stage, their sweetness mingling seamlessly with delicate floral notes of rose. Hints of citrus and orchard fruits like pear peek through, adding a touch of complexity and freshness.

On the Palate: A Refreshing Symphony of Flavours

The initial sip delivers a burst of juicy peach nectar, perfectly balanced by the subtle sweetness of rose. The citrus notes, barely perceptible on the nose, come alive on the palate, adding a touch of zest that cuts through the sweetness. Hints of pear and other orchard fruits round out the flavour profile, creating a refreshingly layered drinking experience. The finish is clean and delicate, with a lingering sweetness of peach and a touch of floral perfume.

Crafted for Perfection: Hayman's Heritage Shines Through

Hayman's Gin, renowned for its commitment to tradition and quality, shines through in the Peach and Rose Cup. The base of London Dry Gin provides a smooth, juniper-forward foundation, perfectly complementing the delicate fruit and floral infusions. The use of real botanicals ensures an authentic and well-rounded flavour profile, free from artificial sweeteners or flavourings.

Serving Suggestions: Let Your Creativity Bloom

Hayman's Peach and Rose Cup is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • The Classic Cup: Fill a large pitcher with ice, add Hayman's Peach and Rose Cup, top with premium lemonade or soda water, and garnish with fresh peach slices, rose petals, and a sprig of mint. This refreshing drink is perfect for a summer gathering or a relaxing afternoon in the garden.
  • The Sophisticated Spritz: Combine Hayman's Peach and Rose Cup with a splash of soda water and a squeeze of fresh grapefruit juice in a champagne flute. Top with a sprig of rosemary for a unique and elegant twist.
  • A Fruity Twist: Muddle fresh raspberries and a few slices of peach in a shaker. Add Hayman's Peach and Rose Cup, a squeeze of lemon juice, and ice. Shake well and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a fresh raspberry for a delightful summer cocktail.
  • For the Gin Purist:  Enjoy Hayman's Peach and Rose Cup neat over ice, allowing the complex flavours to unfold on the palate.

Hayman's Gin Peach and Rose Cup: A Summer Essential

Hayman's Gin Peach and Rose Cup is a delightful addition to any gin lover's collection. Its vibrant summer fruit flavours, balanced sweetness, and subtle floral notes make it a perfect choice for warm-weather entertaining. With its versatility and ease of mixing, Hayman's Peach and Rose Cup is sure to become a summer staple.

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