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Glengoyne Legacy Chapter 3

Glengoyne Legacy Chapter 3

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Glengoyne Legacy Chapter 3: A Single Malt Scotch Whisky Steeped in History

The Glengoyne Legacy Chapter 3 is a Highland single malt Scotch whisky that honours Sir Arthur John Tedder, the Glengoyne exciseman who played a pivotal role in shaping the definition of Scotch whisky as we know it today. This expression embodies the distillery's philosophy of "Unhurried Perfection," showcasing meticulously crafted whisky matured in the finest American oak sherry casks.

A Legacy Uncorked

The Legacy Chapter 3 boasts a deep gold colour, hinting at the rich character resting within the bottle. On the nose, a wave of American oak influence unfolds, presenting inviting aromas of ripe apricots, vanilla pods, and buttery biscuits. Sweet notes of honey-glazed apples intertwine with a touch of warming spice, like cinnamon and cloves, before a hint of dried sultanas emerges, adding complexity to the bouquet. The overall impression is one of sweetness balanced by refreshing hints, creating a well-integrated and enticing aroma.

The Unhurried Perfection on the Palate

The first sip of Glengoyne Legacy Chapter 3 reveals a creamy mouthfeel, though slightly lighter than some might expect. The initial sweetness delivers flavours of vanilla and those luscious apricots again, followed by a wave of honey. A subtle peppery note adds a touch of intrigue, while cinnamon-dusted apples, refreshing mint, and nutty macadamia notes emerge and dance on the palate.

A Lingering Legacy

The finish of the Legacy Chapter 3 is slightly drying, with the warming spices lingering pleasantly on the tongue. A final whisper of grainy pear adds a touch of elegance as the experience fades. This whisky invites slow savouring, allowing each layer of flavour to unfold and be appreciated.

Serving Suggestions to Optimise Enjoyment

To fully appreciate the intricate characteristics of the Glengoyne Legacy Chapter 3, consider serving it neat in a tulip glass. The narrower top of the tulip glass helps concentrate the aromas, allowing you to fully experience the inviting bouquet.  Here are some additional suggestions to elevate your tasting experience:

  • Temperature: Enjoy the Legacy Chapter 3 slightly chilled, around 15-18°C. This temperature range preserves the delicate balance of flavours and prevents the alcohol from overpowering the subtler notes.
  • Water: Adding a few drops of chilled water can open up the whisky further, revealing additional complexities. Experiment with small additions to find your sweet spot.
  • Food Pairing: The Glengoyne Legacy Chapter 3 pairs beautifully with a variety of desserts. Creamy cheeses like Brie or Camembert complement the sweetness and richness of the whisky. For a more adventurous pairing, try dried fruits and nuts, like apricots, almonds, or walnuts. These pairings echo the flavours present in the whisky, creating a harmonious taste experience.

A Celebration of History and Craftsmanship

The Glengoyne Legacy Chapter 3 is more than just a delicious whisky; it's a tribute to the legacy of Sir Arthur John Tedder and the unwavering commitment to quality that defines Glengoyne distillery. With its inviting aroma, well-balanced flavour profile, and lingering finish, this expression is a worthy addition to any whisky enthusiast's collection.

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