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Cocchi Americano Rosa Vermouth 16.5% 70cl

Cocchi Americano Rosa Vermouth 16.5% 70cl

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Throughout Its History, The House Of Cocchi Has Periodically Produced Alternative Varieties Of Its Americano Aperitif Wine;Here The Wine Base Is A Blend Of Two Aromatic Varietals Such As Brachetto And Malvasia Famous For Imparting Nots Of Wild Rose And Summer Berries;These Are Blended With Herbs, Fruit And Spices, Most Notably Gentian, Cinchona And Citrus Like For The Bianco Classic Version, But With An Extra Addition Of Ginger And Rose Petals;Enjoy With Soda Or Tonic And A Zest Of Grapefruit;A Royale Sumptuous Edition Can Be Made Topping It With Sparkling Brachetto Dacqui Docg;

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