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Giffard Crème de Cassis d'Anjou (Blackcurrant) 50cl

Giffard Crème de Cassis d'Anjou (Blackcurrant) 50cl

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Giffard Crème de Cassis d'Anjou: A Taste of Blackcurrant Perfection (50cl)


Indulge in the rich, inky depths of Giffard Crème de Cassis d'Anjou, a blackcurrant liqueur crafted in the heart of France's Loire Valley. This 50cl bottle offers an intense blackcurrant experience, perfect for adding a burst of berry brilliance to cocktails or enjoying neat as a delightful after-dinner treat.

A Blackcurrant Symphony

On pouring Giffard Crème de Cassis d'Anjou, you're greeted by a vibrant, deep purple hue that hints at the intensity of flavour to come. The nose is immediately captivated by a cascade of pure blackcurrant aromas. Imagine biting into a plump, sun-ripened blackcurrant – that's the essence captured here. Cassis notes mingle with subtle hints of green leaves and earthy undertones, creating a complex and inviting bouquet.

Tasting Experience

The first sip of Giffard Crème de Cassis d'Anjou is a revelation. The rich, viscous texture coats the palate, carrying a wave of intense blackcurrant flavour. The sweetness is balanced beautifully by a touch of tartness, reminiscent of the fruit's natural character. There's a depth and fullness to the flavour that lingers on the tongue, inviting another sip to explore its nuances further. Hints of blackcurrant skin and bud add a touch of complexity, without overwhelming the core blackcurrant character.

The Art of Cassis Cocktails

Giffard Crème de Cassis d'Anjou is a cocktail enthusiast's dream. Its versatility allows it to shine in classic and contemporary creations. Here are some serving suggestions to unlock the full potential of this liqueur:

  • The Timeless Kir Royale: A match made in French heaven, combine 1 part Giffard Crème de Cassis d'Anjou with 5 parts chilled Champagne flute. The vibrant blackcurrant mingles with the celebratory fizz of Champagne for a truly delightful drink.
  • Blackcurrant Collins: For a refreshing summer cocktail, combine 50ml Giffard Crème de Cassis d'Anjou, 25ml lemon juice, 25ml sugar syrup, and 2 dashes of soda water in a tall glass with ice. Stir gently and garnish with a sprig of mint and a blackcurrant.
  • Blackcurrant Manhattan: Put a twist on the classic Manhattan by using Giffard Crème de Cassis d'Anjou. Combine 30ml rye whiskey, 15ml sweet vermouth, and 15ml Giffard Crème de Cassis d'Anjou in a mixing glass with ice. Stir well and strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a maraschino cherry.

Beyond the Cocktail

While Giffard Crème de Cassis d'Anjou excels in cocktails, its uses extend far beyond the bar.

  • Desserts: Drizzle Giffard Crème de Cassis d'Anjou over vanilla ice cream for a simple yet elegant dessert. It also pairs beautifully with chocolate cakes or mousses, adding a touch of tart sweetness.
  • Fruit Salads: Fold a tablespoon of Giffard Crème de Cassis d'Anjou into a fruit salad for a burst of blackcurrant flavour that complements other berries and summer fruits.

In Conclusion

Giffard Crème de Cassis d'Anjou is a versatile and delicious blackcurrant liqueur that deserves a place in any well-stocked home bar. Its intense blackcurrant flavour profile makes it a joy to sip neat, while its cocktail potential is truly limitless. Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or simply enjoy a touch of blackcurrant magic, Giffard Crème de Cassis d'Anjou is sure to become a cherished favourite.

Additional Information:

  • Size: 50cl
  • Alcohol By Volume (ABV): 16%
  • Region: Loire Valley, France

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