Fifty Pounds - Gin - 700ml

Fifty Pounds - Gin - 700ml

Fifty Pounds

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When William of Orange prohibited the importing of alcohol to England in the early Eighteenth Century so began the production and consumption of (domestic) English gin by huge numbers of distillers the majority being of dubious quality. Its popularity was such especially amongst the poor thatgin was distilled and sold in one fifth of all London homes. This excessive and uncontrolled consumption provoked a rapid degradation of society a period given the name the Gin Craze. In trying to curb this &;lsquosocial evil&;rsquo the 1736 Gin Act was introduced during the reign of George II whereby an annual levy of &;pound50 was imposed on those wishing to produce and sell gin. After six years just two distilleries had agreed to pay this tax. Shortly after the Gin Act 1736 a family of independent London Distillers came up with an original gin recipe known ironically amongst themselves as &;lsquoFifty Pounds&;rsquo in honour of the Gin Act levy which was characterised by its particular smoothness and flavour.The recipe remained hidden for generations until the descendants of those pioneering master distillers rescued it from oblivion and re-discovered its extraordinary qualities.The specialist traditional methods employed in the creation of this superior gin means that production is limited obtaining approximately one thousand bottles from each batch.Each bottle of Fifty Pounds Gin is presented in an exclusive bottle with a design inspired by the first gin bottles known as case gin. Each bottle bears the individual distillation batch number together with the year that it was distilled. Afurther key to this centuries-old recipe is in the combination of the grain spirit distilled four times to guarantee its purity with the perfect proportion of botanicals used in each distillation. The botanicals from four different continents have been bespoke-selected by the plant expert depending on the season always choosing the highest quality plants at all times from wherever they are sourced. Some of the botanicals used in the fabrication of Fifty Pounds: Juniper Berries from the hills of Croatia. Juniper the principal ingredient in the fabrication of gin imparts an aroma with traces of pine. Coriander Seed from the Middle East. The seeds accentuate the exotic flavours spicy hints citric elements and freshness. Grains of Paradise from the Gulf of Guinea Western Africa. A rare hard to source variety imparting subtle peppery flavour with hints of lavender. Savory from the South of France with a delicate aroma &;amp traces of mint affording extra freshness. Orange &;amp Lemon Peel from the East of Spain and Southern Spain respectively creating a subtle balance between the citric aromas and flavours enhancing the gin&;rsquos superb dryness. Liquorice from Calabria southern Italy giving the spirit its delicate woody and bitter nots. Angelica Root from Western Europe which homogenises the flavour of the remaining botanicals giving the gin a delicate earthiness on the palate.

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