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El Dorado - Gold Five Year Old Guyana Rum - 700ml

El Dorado

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A Fine Award-Winning Amber Hued Cask Aged Golden Rum This Remarkably Developed And Complex Medium-Aged Rum Has A Distinctive Delicate Taste And Is Aged For A Minimum Of 5 Years In Bourbon Oak Barrels. Its Unique Character Comes From The Skillful Blending Of Traditional Aged Rums From The Uitvlugt Savalle Still And The Enmore Wooden Coffey Still. Exceptionally Versatile It Can Be Enjoyed Straight On The Rocks Or For Creating Premium Cocktails. Tasting Nots: Lively With A Dried Tropical Fruit Nose With Aromas Of Caramel Butterscotch And Molasses. A Vibrant Spicy Entry Leads To An Evolving Palate Of Fruit Caramel And Toasted Coconut Fading To A Vanilla-Tinted Glow.

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