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Ego Bodegas Infinito

Ego Bodegas Infinito

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Ego Bodegas Infinito: A Deep Dive into a Jumilla Powerhouse

The Ego Bodegas Infinito is the winery's flagship red, a bold and expressive Jumilla blend that lives up to its name. "Infinito" translates to "infinite," hinting at the wine's complex character and long ageing potential. Here, we delve into a detailed tasting note of this Spanish gem, exploring its aromas, flavours, and ideal food pairings.

Grape Varietals and Winemaking:

Ego Bodegas crafts Infinito with a blend of Monastrell, the dominant grape of Jumilla, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes originate from the winery's 25 hectares of vineyards, boasting some Monastrell vines exceeding 50 years of age. The grapes benefit from Jumilla's hot, dry climate and privileged location, resulting in concentrated fruit character.

After meticulous harvest, the wine undergoes fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures. Following fermentation, Infinito is aged for 18 months in a combination of French and American oak barrels. This ageing process refines the tannins, adds complexity, and imparts subtle oaky notes to the wine.

Tasting Notes:


Ego Bodegas Infinito boasts an intense, dark cherry-red colour with vibrant purple edges. The wine is described as having a "high layer," indicating good density and concentration in the glass. It's clean and bright, with dense "tears" that slowly fall down the inside of the glass, hinting at a viscous and full-bodied nature.


On the nose, Infinito is powerful, very intense, and fresh. Initially, elegant notes of "Crianza" (Spanish ageing term) emerge, offering toasted and balsamic aromas. As the wine opens up, layers of black fruit unfold, accompanied by touches of very ripe red fruit (almost jammy) and hints of liquorice, spice, and a creamy lactic character. Delicate floral tobacco nuances further add complexity to the aromatic profile.


The palate experience mirrors the intensity of the nose. Infinito is powerful and well-structured, yet surprisingly fresh. The tannins are described as "surrounding" and "smooth," providing a pleasant textural grip without being overwhelming. The taste is rich and full-bodied, with a sweetness that complements the fruit and oak characteristics.

Food Pairing:

Ego Bodegas Infinito's bold personality makes it a fantastic partner for a variety of robust dishes. Here are some excellent food matches to consider:

  • Grilled red meats: Ribeye steak, lamb chops, or marinated skirt steak pair beautifully with Infinito's bold fruit flavours and sturdy tannins.
  • Hearty stews and casseroles: Slow-cooked lamb stew, rich beef bourguignon, or a hearty lentil stew with chorizo find a perfect match in Infinito's depth and richness.
  • Hard cheeses: Aged Manchego cheese, a creamy Comte, or a robust cheddar stand up well to Infinito's power and offer complementary creamy or nutty notes.
  • Wild mushrooms: Earthy and meaty wild mushrooms like portobellos or chanterelles create a harmonious pairing with Infinito's savoury character.


Ego Bodegas Infinito is a Jumilla powerhouse that delivers a captivating and complex drinking experience. Its blend of Monastrell and Cabernet Sauvignon offers a harmonious combination of bold fruit, smooth tannins, and subtle oaky notes. With its food-friendly nature, Infinito is a perfect choice for elevating your next dinner party or simply enjoying a luxurious glass on its own.


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