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Domaine Boussey Meursault les Meurgers - 750ml

Domaine Boussey Meursault les Meurgers - 750ml

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Country:  France
Region:  Meursault, Burgundy

Grape varieties:  Chardonnay

About:  Experience the exquisite taste of Meursault Les Meurgers, a wine renowned for its rich and luxurious flavour, perfectly balanced structure, and captivating aroma.

Harvested from a hillside parcel along the route to Auxey Duresses, this exceptional Burgundy gem boasts a terroir shaped by its stony soils and the efforts of generations of vintners who toiled to cultivate vines in this challenging environment.

The name "Meursault Les Meurgers" itself pays homage to these "murgers," the piles of stones that were removed to create the vineyards.

The grapes for Meursault Les Meurgers ripen early in the season, resulting in a wine that bursts with ripe fruit flavours, accentuated by delicate notes of toasted nuts and a hint of oak. 

Tasting Notes:  Its golden yellow color, infused with green hues, perfectly complements its rich, velvety texture and lingering smooth finish. Indulge in the luxury of Meursault Les Meurgers and savour its intricate flavours and impeccable balance, a testament to the dedication of those who have nurtured this extraordinary vineyard for centuries.

Product Specifications:

Closure:  Cork

Alcohol %:  14%

Unit size:  75cl

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