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Cotswold Distillery Sherry Cask

Cotswold Distillery Sherry Cask

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Cotswolds Distillery Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky: A Deep Dive into a Delightfully Sherried Whisky

The Cotswolds Distillery Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky offers a unique perspective on English whisky, matured in a combination of Spanish and American oak Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez sherry casks. This 57.4% ABV whisky boasts a complex flavour profile, thanks to the marriage of meticulously selected sherry casks and locally grown barley.

On the Nose:

The first impression is undeniably rich and inviting. Aromas of dried fruits take centre stage, reminiscent of plump raisins, juicy prunes, and perhaps a hint of dried apricots. Underlying these fruity notes is a pleasant toasty character, hinting at vanilla and baking spice. A touch of chocolate adds depth and complexity, while a subtle whisper of peppery oak spice emerges with further exploration. The overall impression is one of harmony and balance, with each element complementing the others.

On the Palate:

The initial sip delivers a burst of flavour that mirrors the enticing aromas. The dried fruits come through prominently, offering a delightful sweetness that is neither cloying nor overpowering. Hints of dark chocolate emerge alongside the fruit, creating a decadent and luxurious mouthfeel. The influence of the sherry casks is undeniable, imparting notes of nutty richness and a touch of warming spice. The oak presence is subtle yet noticeable, adding a touch of tannic dryness that balances the sweetness beautifully. The high alcohol content (57.4% ABV) adds a pleasant warmth but remains surprisingly smooth, testament to the expert cask selection and maturation process.

The Finish:

The finish is long and lingering, allowing the various flavours to unfurl gradually. The dried fruit notes persist, slowly fading alongside the chocolate and spice. A touch of peppery heat emerges on the back of the palate, adding a touch of intrigue and ensuring a satisfying conclusion to the tasting experience.

Serving Suggestions:

To fully appreciate the complexities of the Cotswolds Distillery Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky, consider enjoying it neat or on the rocks. Served neat allows the full spectrum of flavours to come through unimpeded. A single, large ice cube can help to open up the whisky slightly, revealing subtle nuances that may be masked at room temperature.

For those who prefer a slightly diluted experience, a splash of cool water can be added. Experiment cautiously, adding a few drops at a time until you find your perfect dilution. A touch of water can help to soften the alcohol heat and further accentuate certain flavour notes.

Food Pairing:

The Cotswolds Distillery Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky pairs exceptionally well with a variety of foods. Its rich and fruity character makes it a natural complement to desserts. Consider pairing it with dark chocolate, fruitcake, or a selection of blue cheeses. For a savoury option, try it alongside aged cheddar or a well-marbled steak. The sweetness of the whisky cuts through the richness of the cheese or fat in the steak, creating a truly delightful contrast.

Overall Impression:

The Cotswolds Distillery Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky is a remarkable expression showcasing the potential of English whisky. The marriage of sherry casks with locally grown barley results in a whisky that is both complex and approachable. The rich flavours of dried fruit, chocolate, and spice are beautifully balanced by subtle oak and a touch of peppery heat. This whisky is sure to please both seasoned whisky enthusiasts and newcomers alike, offering a unique and flavourful exploration of the world of English single malt.

Additional Notes:

  • The Cotswolds Distillery Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky is bottled at cask strength (57.4% ABV), meaning it has not been diluted with water after maturation. This allows the whisky to retain its full flavour profile.
  • The whisky is non-chill filtered, which means it has not been subjected to a filtration process that can remove certain flavour compounds. This preserves the whisky's natural character and texture.
  • The Cotswolds Distillery Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky is a worthy addition to any whisky collection. Its unique flavour profile and exceptional quality make it a whisky to savour and explore.


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