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Compass Box Great King Street Glasgow Blend Whisky

Compass Box Great King Street Glasgow Blend Whisky

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Compass Box Glasgow Blend: A Rich and Smoky Exploration

The Compass Box Glasgow Blend, formerly known as the Great King Street Glasgow Blend, is a masterpiece in married malts. This isn't your average blended Scotch. Compass Box, known for its innovative approach to whisky blending, has crafted a unique and flavourful dram that pays homage to the historic blending houses of 19th century Scotland.

A Blend Built for Complexity

Glasgow Blend boasts a high malt content, with 67% of the whisky coming from Speyside, Highland, and Islay regions. The remaining 33% is grain whisky from Cameronbridge, adding a touch of smoothness to the robust malt character.

The magic lies in the maturation process. Compass Box uses a combination of first-fill and refill ex-bourbon barrels, first-fill Sherry casks, and a touch of new French oak. This meticulous selection coaxes out a symphony of flavours from the component whiskies.

Tasting Compass Box Glasgow Blend: A Journey for the Senses

Nose: The initial aroma is inviting, offering a rich sweetness of honey and toffee. Hints of dried fruit, like raisin and prune, peek through, hinting at the sherry influence. As the whisky opens up, a gentle smokiness emerges, mingling with warming notes of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Palate: The first sip delivers a burst of flavour. The rich malt character takes centre stage, with notes of honey, vanilla, and toasted biscuit. The sherry cask influence shines through with dried fruit flavours, adding a layer of complexity. The smokiness, subtle on the nose, builds on the palate, offering a pleasant peaty character without overwhelming the other flavours. A touch of spice from the new French oak adds a final flourish.

Finish: The finish is long and warming, leaving a lingering sweetness and a whisper of smoke. The interplay of malt, sherry, and peat creates a truly memorable experience.

Serving Suggestions:

Glasgow Blend is a versatile whisky that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways:

  • Neat: This is the best way to appreciate the full complexity of the whisky. Pour a measure into a tumbler glass and allow it to breathe for a few minutes before taking a sip.
  • With a splash of water: Adding a small amount of water can help open up the flavours and make the smokiness a touch more subtle. Experiment to find your perfect dilution.
  • On the Rocks: If you prefer your whisky chilled, serve it over ice. Be mindful that the ice will melt and dilute the whisky, so use large, slow-melting ice cubes to minimize this effect.
  • In Cocktails: Glasgow Blend's robust flavour profile makes it a great base for cocktails. Try it in a Rusty Nail, a Blood and Sand, or a smoky take on the Old Fashioned.

Food Pairing:

Glasgow Blend pairs well with a variety of foods. Its smoky character complements rich cheeses, cured meats, and grilled red meats. The sweetness also makes it a good match for smoked salmon or creamy desserts like crème brûlée.

A Modern Masterpiece with a Nod to Tradition

The Compass Box Glasgow Blend is a triumph of blending artistry. It captures the essence of classic Scotch whisky with a contemporary twist. The high malt content, innovative maturation techniques, and perfect balance of flavours make it a whisky that is both approachable and rewarding. Whether you're a seasoned whisky drinker or just starting to explore the world of Scotch, the Glasgow Blend is a dram that is sure to impress.

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