Cockburns - Tawny Port - 750ml

Cockburns - Tawny Port - 750ml


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The Cockburns Fine Tawny Port is aged for about the same amount of time as Cockburns Fine Ruby (about three years) but in smaller barrels to hasten aging to a reddish amber (tawny) colour and to develop a smoother nutty flavour. Many of these wines are also left upriver in the Douro Valley to age in the hotter climate (the Douro Bake) thus speeding the aging process and lightening the colour. This Tawny Port is bottled filtered and ready to drink. This Port has a smooth full flavour with a toffee nose. As a dessert wine Fine Tawny pairs well with cream-based desserts such as cheesecake or creme brulee. This may also be enjoyed chilled and served with almonds or pecans.

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