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Château Poujeaux Moulis-en-Médoc 2018

Château Poujeaux Moulis-en-Médoc 2018

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Chateau Poujeaux Moulis-en-Medoc 2018: Tasting Notes & Food Pairing for the Discerning British Palate

The 2018 Chateau Poujeaux Moulis-en-Medoc offers a captivating glimpse into the world-class wines of Bordeaux. This Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel, crafted in the esteemed Moulis-en-Medoc appellation, promises a rewarding experience for both seasoned wine enthusiasts and curious newcomers.

On the Eye:

The first impression is a feast for the eyes. The Chateau Poujeaux 2018 boasts an intense ruby red colour, hinting at the richness within the bottle. This vibrant hue suggests a wine brimming with youthful vigour, perfect for those seeking a Bordeaux with a touch of freshness.

On the Nose:

As the wine is swirled in the glass, a symphony of aromas unfolds. The initial burst is dominated by dark fruit notes, such as blackcurrant and blackberry, intertwined with hints of cassis and plum. These opulent scents are complemented by subtle earthy tones, reminiscent of forest floor and damp earth. A touch of spice, like pepper and clove, adds complexity to the bouquet, hinting at the wine's structure and ageing potential.

On the Palate:

The first sip of Chateau Poujeaux 2018 is a revelation. The full-bodied nature of the wine is immediately apparent, coating the palate with a luxurious texture. The dark fruit flavours from the nose translate beautifully, offering a burst of juicy blackberry and cassis. Yet, the wine is surprisingly well-balanced, with refreshing acidity cutting through the richness and ensuring a lingering, harmonious finish.

Tannins & Ageing Potential:

The tannins in the Chateau Poujeaux 2018 are present but approachable. They provide a pleasant structure that frames the fruit flavours without overwhelming the palate. This suggests that the wine will age gracefully for several years, allowing the tannins to soften further and the flavours to develop greater complexity.

Food Pairing:

The Chateau Poujeaux 2018 is a versatile food pairing companion. Its full body and bold fruit flavours make it a perfect match for a variety of hearty British dishes. Here are some suggestions to tantalise your taste buds:

  • Roast Lamb: The rich flavours of roast lamb pair beautifully with the robust character of the Chateau Poujeaux. The wine's acidity cuts through the fattiness of the lamb, while the tannins complement the savoury notes of the roasted meat.
  • Steak: Whether you prefer a classic ribeye or a succulent fillet, Chateau Poujeaux 2018 stands up to bold flavours. The full-bodied nature of the wine complements the richness of the steak, while the dark fruit notes echo the chargrilled smokiness.
  • Mushroom Wellington: This vegetarian option is no less impressive when paired with Chateau Poujeaux. The earthy character of the mushrooms finds a harmonious partner in the wine's earthy notes, while the richness of the dish is balanced by the wine's acidity.
  • Mature Cheddar Cheese: For a more casual pairing, consider a mature cheddar cheese. The sharpness of the cheese cuts through the richness of the wine, while the wine's fruit flavours complement the creaminess of the cheese.


The Chateau Poujeaux Moulis-en-Medoc 2018 is a superb expression of Moulis Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel. It offers a captivating combination of bold fruit flavours, well-balanced acidity, and approachable tannins. This exceptional wine is sure to impress discerning British palates, whether enjoyed on its own or paired with a delicious meal.

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