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Château Poujeaux Moulis-en-Médoc 2016

Château Poujeaux Moulis-en-Médoc 2016

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Château Poujeaux Moulis-en-Médoc 2016: A Taste of Moulis Finesse


At The General Wine Company, we are proud to offer the captivating Château Poujeaux Moulis-en-Médoc 2016. This exceptional wine hails from the esteemed Moulis appellation within Bordeaux, France, renowned for its classic Left Bank blends. The 2016 vintage is particularly noteworthy, showcasing the perfect harmony between concentrated fruit, elegant structure, and the distinct character of Moulis.

This in-depth tasting note explores the unique flavour profile of Château Poujeaux Moulis-en-Médoc 2016, guiding you through its aromatic complexity and suggesting perfect food pairings to elevate your dining experience.

On the Nose

The first impression of Château Poujeaux 2016 is an explosion of ripe dark fruits. Blackcurrants, plums, and cassis take centre stage, interwoven with hints of juicy blackberry and damson. As the wine opens up, intriguing secondary aromas emerge. Notes of tobacco leaf, a touch of cedarwood, and subtle earthy hints add depth and complexity to the bouquet. A whisper of spice, reminiscent of black pepper and clove, adds a touch of piquancy.

On the Palate

The palate of Château Poujeaux 2016 is a masterclass in balance. The concentrated fruit flavours from the nose translate beautifully, offering a burst of juicy richness. The tannins are present yet remarkably polished, lending structure without overwhelming the palate. Hints of minerality add a refreshing touch, while the subtle oak ageing provides a subtle toasty undercurrent. The finish is long and lingering, leaving behind a lasting impression of ripe fruit and lingering spice.

Food Pairing Recommendations

Château Poujeaux Moulis-en-Médoc 2016 is a versatile food pairing wine, capable of complementing a wide range of dishes. Here are some of our recommendations to unlock its full potential:

  • Red Meat: This wine pairs beautifully with rich red meats. Consider a perfectly seared rib-eye steak, a slow-roasted leg of lamb, or hearty venison stew.
  • Game: The bold fruit character and structured tannins of Château Poujeaux 2016 make it a perfect match for game dishes like roast pheasant, venison casserole, or duck à l'orange.
  • Hard Cheeses: Enjoy this wine alongside mature cheddar cheese, Gruyère, or a robust Comté. The robust flavours of the cheese will stand up well to the wine's structure.
  • Mushroom Dishes: Earthy mushroom flavours create a fantastic synergy with Château Poujeaux 2016. Try it with a rich mushroom risotto, pan-fried wild mushrooms on toast, or a hearty beef bourguignon packed with earthy mushrooms.


Château Poujeaux Moulis-en-Médoc 2016 is a captivating expression of Moulis finesse. This exceptional wine delivers a delightful combination of concentrated fruit, elegant structure, and intriguing complexity. With its versatility in food pairing, it promises to be a delightful addition to your dinner table.


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