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Carta Vieja Limited Release Gewürztraminer

Carta Vieja Limited Release Gewürztraminer

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Unveiling a Chilean Gem: A Tasting Note for Carta Vieja Limited Release Gewurztraminer

The Carta Vieja Limited Release Gewurztraminer is a unique offering from Chile's renowned Maule Valley. A departure from the more widely planted reds, this Gewurztraminer stands out for its aromatic intensity and refreshing character. This limited-release wine is a delightful choice for those seeking an exciting white wine experience.

In the Glass:

The first impression comes from the wine's visual appeal. Pour the Carta Vieja Gewurztraminer into a white wine glass and admire its pale yellow colour with inviting green reflections. This hints at the wine's bright and lively nature.

On the Nose:

Prepare to be captivated by the captivating aromas that explode from the glass.]. Dominant notes of rose petals and lychee create a beautifully floral and fragrant first impression. A touch of citrus adds a refreshing counterpoint, hinting at the zesty character to come on the palate.

On the Palate:

The initial sip of the Carta Vieja Gewurztraminer reveals a delightful sweetness. However, this sweetness is balanced by a refreshing acidity, creating a harmonious and complex mouthfeel. The promised fruit flavours from the nose come alive on the palate, offering a burst of fresh, juicy grapes and echoes of the lychee notes. The floral character extends to the taste, with delicate reminders of rose petals adding a touch of elegance. 

Food Pairings:

The unique flavour profile of the Carta Vieja Gewurztraminer makes it a versatile choice for food pairings. Here are some delectable options to consider:

Spicy Dishes: Gewurztraminer's sweetness and acidity can beautifully complement the heat in spicy dishes. Try pairing it with Thai curries, Indian curries with creamy coconut milk sauces, or Szechuan cuisine.

Aromatic Foods: The floral and lychee notes in the wine will be accentuated by dishes featuring similar aromatic profiles. Think Vietnamese spring rolls with fresh herbs, Thai green papaya salad, or dishes incorporating lemongrass.

Fatty Fish: The acidity in the Gewurztraminer cuts through the richness of fatty fish like salmon, trout, or mackerel. Consider a pan-seared salmon with a creamy lemon dill sauce or grilled trout with a fresh herb salsa.

Cheese Platter: Create a delightful cheese board featuring creamy goat cheeses, Brie, or Camembert. The sweetness of the wine complements the creaminess of the cheeses, while the acidity cuts through the richness. Add some fresh fruit like grapes, pears, or apricots for an extra touch of elegance.

Desserts: While not bone dry, the Carta Vieja Gewurztraminer's balanced sweetness makes it a good option for some lighter desserts. Experiment with fruit tarts with stone fruits like peaches or plums, or a crème brûlée with a hint of citrus zest.

Beyond the Bottle:

The Carta Vieja Limited Release Gewurztraminer is a testament to Chile's burgeoning reputation for quality white wines. Made from the Gewurztraminer grape, this aromatic and flavourful wine offers a unique alternative to the more common Sauvignon Blancs. With its versatility in food pairings and delightful flavour profile, the Carta Vieja Gewurztraminer is a perfect choice for a summer evening or a casual gathering with friends.


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