Bulldog - Defiantly Delicious London Dry Gin - 700ml

Bulldog - Defiantly Delicious London Dry Gin - 700ml


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Voted as one of the top 50 spirits by Wine enthusiast magazine - A must try this summer. A relative newcomer to the premium Gin scene. Bulldog is a London dry Gin produced using old-time methods where neutral grain spirit is quadruple distilled utilising copper pot stills. The raw spirit is then steeped in an array of botanicals including: dragon eye poppy lotus leaves lemon almond cassia lavender orris liquorice juniper angelica and coriander. Tasting not: Clear. Lovely fresh citrus peel aromas combine with caraway talc and juniper nots. The palate is quite concentrated medium dry and gently warming with spice citrus caraway and pine flavours leading into a tingly spicy back palate. Exceptionally persistent drying aftertaste with a subtle mineral / anise fade

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