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Bodegas Beronia Rioja Rosado

Bodegas Beronia Rioja Rosado

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Embrace the vibrancy of Spain with the Beronia Rioja Rosado, a captivating rosé crafted by Bodegas Beronia in the heart of Rioja. This wine transcends the expectations of a typical rosé, offering a complex flavour profile and a dry finish, perfect for discerning wine lovers.

Grape Varietal and Appellation:

The Beronia Rioja Rosado proudly showcases 100% Tempranillo grapes, the soul of Rioja's renowned red wines.  Tempranillo, known for its versatility, thrives in the region's unique climate, producing grapes brimming with character. The DOCa Rioja certification guarantees the wine's origin and adherence to strict quality regulations.

Tasting Notes:


The Beronia Rioja Rosado boasts a brilliant and intense colour. Imagine a glass filled with fresh raspberry pink hues, shimmering with delicate nacarathe reflections.


Prepare to be captivated by the wine's alluring nose. Delicate aromas of red fruits, reminiscent of strawberries and redcurrants, intertwine with hints of rose petals. This creates a captivating and beautifully balanced bouquet.


The first sip of Beronia Rioja Rosado is an explosion of fruit flavours. Imagine a burst of cherries and strawberries, balanced by a delightful velvety texture. The wine's dry character, with minimal residual sugar (around 1.6 grams per litre), ensures a refreshingly crisp finish. The well-integrated acidity adds a lively zing, making each sip invigorating.

As the wine lingers on the palate, subtle mineral notes emerge, reflecting the clay and limestone-rich soils where the grapes are grown. This adds a touch of complexity, elevating the overall drinking experience.

Food Pairing:

The Beronia Rioja Rosado's versatility shines through when it comes to food pairings. Here are some delectable options to enhance your enjoyment:

  • Starters: Light and fresh appetisers like vegetable salads, tuna tartare, or cured meats find a perfect partner in this rosé.
  • Seafood: Indulge in a delightful pairing with grilled fish, shellfish, or even fish and chips. The wine's acidity cuts through the richness of seafood, creating a harmonious balance.
  • Salads: Salads bursting with flavour, such as a Thai cucumber salad or a fruity endive salad, are elevated by the Beronia Rioja Rosado's refreshing character.
  • Main Courses: Lighter main courses like grilled chicken, roasted vegetables, or even cabbage roulades pair beautifully with this versatile rosé.
  • Cheese: Explore a delightful cheese pairing with goat cheese or other mild cheeses. The wine's acidity complements the creaminess of the cheese, creating a delightful contrast.

Serving Suggestions:

To fully appreciate the vibrancy of the Beronia Rioja Rosado, serve it well chilled between 8-10°C. This temperature range preserves the wine's refreshing acidity and allows the delicate fruit flavours to blossom.


The Beronia Rioja Rosado transcends the realm of a typical summer rosé.  This dry, complex wine offers a captivating drinking experience, brimming with fruit flavours and a touch of minerality.  Its versatility makes it an ideal companion for various dishes, allowing you to explore a world of culinary pairings.

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