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Ashdown Winery Chasselas

Ashdown Winery Chasselas

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Unveiling Ashdown Winery's Chasselas: A Refreshing Journey for the Senses

Nestled in the heart of Sussex, England, Ashdown Winery crafts a delightful expression of the Chasselas grape. This white wine, often associated with Switzerland, thrives in the chalky soils of southern England, offering a unique perspective on this beloved varietal. So, uncork a bottle, delve into this comprehensive tasting note, and discover the delightful world of Ashdown Winery's Chasselas.

Visual Delight: A Crystal-Clear Invitation

Pour yourself a glass of Ashdown Winery's Chasselas and be greeted by a vibrant pale yellow hue with a hint of green. It boasts exceptional clarity, a testament to meticulous winemaking practices. As the light dances in the glass, admire the youthful vibrancy that promises a refreshing experience.

Aromatic Symphony: Unfolding Delicate Scents

Hold your glass close and take a deep breath. The first whiff reveals a captivating bouquet of delicate white flowers, reminiscent of elderflower and honeysuckle. Hints of citrus peel, particularly lime zest, add a touch of vibrancy. As the wine opens up, subtle stone fruit notes of peach and apricot emerge, interwoven with a touch of white pepper, adding a gentle piquancy. The overall impression is one of elegance and refinement, a perfect invitation to delve deeper.

A Dance on the Palate: Crisp Acidity and Balanced Body

Take a sip, and Ashdown Winery's Chasselas explodes with life on your palate. The first sensation is a burst of refreshing acidity, cleansing and invigorating. This vivaciousness is beautifully balanced by a medium body, offering a satisfying weight without feeling heavy. The flavours mirror the aromas, with citrus notes taking centre stage. Imagine biting into a juicy grapefruit, followed by the sweetness of ripe peaches and a hint of creamy melon. The white pepper spice from the nose reappears on the palate, adding a delightful complexity. The finish is crisp and clean, leaving a lingering sensation of refreshment and a desire for another sip.

Food Pairings: A Matchmaker's Delight

Ashdown Winery's Chasselas shines as a versatile food pairing wine. Its refreshing acidity and delicate flavours make it a perfect companion for a variety of dishes. Here are some enticing options to explore:

  • Seafood: The bright acidity beautifully complements the delicate flavours of white fish. Try it with grilled Dover sole, pan-seared scallops, or a light fish stew.
  • Shellfish: The wine's minerality and salinity create a natural affinity with oysters, clams, mussels, and prawns.
  • Salads: Lighter salads with fresh vegetables, goat cheese, or grilled chicken become even more delightful with this wine's vibrant character.
  • Goats' Cheese: The creamy texture of goats' cheese finds a perfect balance in the wine's acidity. Consider a cheese board featuring a selection of goats' cheeses with crusty bread and honey.
  • Sushi and Sashimi: The clean flavours of the wine pair exceptionally well with the freshness of raw fish in sushi and sashimi.

Beyond the Plate: A Versatile Wine for Every Occasion

Ashdown Winery's Chasselas is not just about food pairings. It's a fantastic wine to enjoy on its own as an apéritif, a refreshing companion on a warm summer day, or a delightful beverage to sip alongside lighter fare during a picnic or brunch. Its versatility makes it a perfect crowd-pleaser, ideal for any casual gathering.

A Final Note: A Refreshing English Gem

Ashdown Winery's Chasselas is a testament to the exciting potential of English wines. This delightful Chasselas offers a captivating journey for the senses, brimming with freshness, elegance, and a touch of complexity. Whether enjoyed as an apéritif or paired with a delicious meal, this wine leaves a lasting impression. So, raise a glass to Ashdown Winery and discover the captivating world of English Chasselas.


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