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135 Kaikyo / Hyogo East Japanese Gin 42% 70cl

135 Kaikyo / Hyogo East Japanese Gin 42% 70cl

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Country:   Japan

About:  Named after the 135° East meridian that crosses Akashi City in the Hyogo prefecture, our gin represents our passion for discovering what lies beyond borders. Inspired by Japan’s important Taisho period, this unexpected gin honours a time when Eastern culture merged with Western culture. By combining new flavours that enhance and complement each other, Kimio Yonezawa has created a new innovative and unconventional type of gin: the “Hyogo Dry Gin”.

Marrying authentic Japanese botanicals with London Dry Gin botanicals, our spirit lets two cultures interweave energetically. Add to this a splash of sake distillate and you have a truly artisanal recipe, inspired by the Yonezawa family’s rich history of sake production.

Tasting Notes:  135° East gin offers a powerful floral aroma over scents of citrus fruits. It comes with a silky, balanced feel in the mouth, combining citrus, bitter and floral notes, while sansho pepper gives it a warm, peppery finish.  Crowned with the secret ingredient: a splash of distilled Akashi-Tai’s Junmai sake that mellows the heat of the sansho pepper.

Product Specifications:

Closure:  Stopper

Alcohol %: 42%

Unit size:  70cl

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