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Viña von Siebenthal Carmenere

Viña von Siebenthal Carmenere

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Vina von Siebenthal Carmenère: An Enticing Chilean Red

Nestled within Chile's renowned Aconcagua Valley, the esteemed Viña von Siebenthal winery crafts an exceptional Carmenère that tantalises the senses. This unique red wine, born from a once-forgotten Bordeaux grape variety, showcases the exceptional terroir of Chile and embodies the meticulous winemaking philosophy of Mauro von Siebenthal.

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: A vibrant ruby red hue with alluring depth and shimmering garnet reflections.
  • Nose: An intoxicating bouquet bursts forth, led by ripe blackberries, succulent blackcurrants, and a touch of sweet spice. Notes of cedarwood, tobacco, roasted hazelnuts, and a hint of coffee add complexity and intrigue.
  • Palate: The palate is greeted with a sweet, concentrated entry filled with opulent dark fruit flavours. Layers of spice, subtle herbaceousness, and hints of dark chocolate evolve into a luxuriously smooth texture. Well-integrated tannins provide a velvety structure while a lingering, elegant finish leaves you wanting more.

Food Pairings

The robust flavours and balanced acidity of Viña von Siebenthal Carmenère make it an incredibly versatile food wine. Here are some inspired pairings:

  • Hearty Meats: The wine's rich fruit and spice notes beautifully complement grilled red meats like a juicy ribeye steak or rosemary-infused lamb chops.
  • Bold Flavours: This Carmenère stands up superbly to dishes with intense flavours. Think smoky barbecue pork ribs, game meats, or a spicy chorizo stew.
  • Earthy Delights: The wine's subtle herbaceousness harmonises wonderfully with mushroom-based dishes, like a wild mushroom risotto or truffle-infused pasta.
  • Mature Cheeses: Create a delightful contrast with aged cheddar, Manchego, or a smoky Gouda. The wine's tannins cut through the richness of the cheese, creating a delightful balance.

The Viña von Siebenthal Story

Swiss lawyer-turned-winemaker Mauro von Siebenthal's passion project came to fruition in 1998, establishing Viña von Siebenthal within Chile's Aconcagua Valley. The winery's commitment to organic farming, limited yields, and meticulous winemaking techniques result in exceptional wines that showcase the captivating character of Chilean Carmenère.


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