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Meerlust Estate Pinot Noir

Meerlust Estate Pinot Noir

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Meerlust Estate Pinot Noir: A South African Gem for Pinot Lovers


South Africa's Stellenbosch region is earning a reputation for producing world-class Pinot Noir, and Meerlust Estate serves as a shining example.  Crafted from meticulously farmed vineyards, their Pinot Noir offers a sophisticated expression of this delicate grape, showcasing a delightful balance of fruit, spice, and captivating earthiness.

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Displays a vibrant ruby red hue with a slight translucence at the rim.
  • Nose: Fragrant aromas of ripe red cherry and raspberry mingle with enticing notes of earthy underbrush, hints of clove, and a touch of vanilla.
  • Palate: Juicy red fruit flavours take centre stage, followed by subtle spice and a delicate earthiness. The wine possesses a silky texture, with well-integrated tannins providing structure and a lingering, elegant finish. Balanced acidity keeps the flavours lively and fresh.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Meerlust Estate Pinot Noir’s versatility makes it a wonderful culinary companion:

  • Hearty But Delicate: Pair with roasted duck breast with cherry sauce, grilled salmon, or a mushroom risotto.
  • Earthy Delights: The wine complements dishes featuring wild mushrooms, truffles, or roasted root vegetables.
  • Cheese Board Favourite: Enjoy alongside aged cheddar, Camembert, or a creamy goat cheese.
  • Spiced Dishes: Meerlust Pinot Noir stands up beautifully to mildly spiced cuisine, such as subtly curried dishes or Moroccan-inspired flavours.

About Meerlust Estate Pinot Noir

Meerlust Estate, situated in South Africa's Stellenbosch region, enjoys a long, rich winemaking history dating back to 1756. Their Pinot Noir vines thrive in the region's cool coastal climate, producing wines known for their elegance and finesse.


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