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L.A. Cetto Chenin Blanc

L.A. Cetto Chenin Blanc

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L.A. Cetto Chenin Blanc: A Refreshing Escape from Baja California

The sun-drenched vineyards of Baja California are the birthplace of L.A. Cetto Chenin Blanc, a captivating white wine that offers a taste of the Mexican coast. This crisp and lively expression of Chenin Blanc is a fantastic choice for those seeking a well-balanced and food-friendly bottle.

Uncorking a World of Flavour

L.A. Cetto Chenin Blanc greets the nose with a bouquet of inviting tropical fruits. Think pineapple, mango, and guava, interwoven with hints of citrus zest and honey. These aromas are a prelude to a palate brimming with flavour. The first sip delivers a burst of juicy fruit flavours, complemented by a refreshing touch of minerality. The wine boasts a well-rounded mouthfeel, thanks to its balanced acidity that cuts through the sweetness, leaving a clean and lingering finish.

Food Pairings to Delight

The versatility of L.A. Cetto Chenin Blanc makes it a fantastic partner for a variety of dishes. Here are some suggestions to elevate your next culinary experience:

  • Seafood Sensations: The vibrant acidity of this Chenin Blanc pairs beautifully with the delicate flavours of seafood. Enjoy it alongside grilled prawns, pan-seared scallops, or a platter of fresh oysters.
  • Spice it Up: Don't be afraid to embrace bolder flavours. L.A. Cetto Chenin Blanc stands up well to spicy dishes, particularly those featuring Thai curries, jerk chicken, or Szechuan cuisine. The wine's acidity cuts through the heat, creating a harmonious balance on the palate.
  • Salad Days: Salads are another excellent match for this versatile white. The wine's refreshing character complements a variety of salad ingredients, from grilled chicken and goat cheese to fresh herbs and seasonal vegetables.
  • Goat Cheese Glory: Chenin Blanc's natural affinity for goat cheese makes it a perfect pairing for creamy chèvre or tangy feta. Serve a glass alongside a cheese board featuring these cheeses, accompanied by crusty bread, sliced meats, and fig jam.
  • Vegetarian Delights: L.A. Cetto Chenin Blanc shines alongside vegetarian dishes.  The wine's fruitiness complements the earthy notes of roasted vegetables, while its acidity cuts through the richness of creamy pasta dishes.

Beyond the Bottle: The L.A. Cetto Story

Founded in 1928, L.A. Cetto is a pioneer in Mexican winemaking. The winery is located in the Guadalupe Valley, a region renowned for its ideal climate for growing grapes.  The cool Pacific Ocean breezes temper the warm Mexican sunshine, resulting in grapes with vibrant acidity and concentrated flavours. L.A. Cetto's dedication to quality and innovation is evident in every bottle, including their captivating Chenin Blanc.

In Conclusion: A Refreshing Escape Awaits

L.A. Cetto Chenin Blanc is a delightful white wine that offers a taste of the Mexican sun.  Its vibrant fruit flavours, refreshing acidity, and food-friendly nature make it a perfect choice for any occasion. So, uncork a bottle, take a sip, and be transported to the sun-drenched vineyards of Baja California.


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