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Domaine de Fontavin Gigondas Rouge Cuvee Combe Sauvage

Domaine de Fontavin Gigondas Rouge Cuvee Combe Sauvage

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Domaine de Fontavin Gigondas Rouge Cuvée Combe Sauvage: A Taste of the Rhône Valley

Unveiling a gem from the Southern Rhône Valley, the Domaine de Fontavin Gigondas Rouge Cuvée Combe Sauvage is a captivating organic red wine. Crafted by the Chouvet family, who have been stewards of the land since 1989, this Gigondas offers a distinctive expression of the region's sun-drenched terroir.

A Journey Through the Senses

  • Sight: The wine boasts a deep garnet robe with alluring violet reflections. As it swirls in the glass, expect a good viscosity that hints at the complexity to come.
  • Nose: On the nose, the Combe Sauvage unfolds with an enticing bouquet of garrigue, a characteristic herbal fragrance of the Rhône Valley featuring rosemary, thyme, and hints of lavender. This aromatic tapestry is interwoven with notes of black and red fruits like blackberry, blackcurrant, plum, and cherry. A touch of spice and a whisper of violet complete this captivating introduction.
  • Palate: The first sip of the Combe Sauvage reveals a lively and energetic palate. The Grenache-dominant blend (75%) imparts a characteristic peppery character, while Mourvèdre (10%) adds structure and depth. Syrah (5%) contributes a touch of smokiness, and the small inclusions of Cinsault (3%) and Clairette Roses (2%) offer a hint of floral elegance. The tannins are present but refined, offering a pleasant grip that complements the wine's fruitiness without overwhelming it. The finish is long and lingering, leaving behind a lasting impression of spice and dark fruit.

Food Pairings to Delight

The Domaine de Fontavin Gigondas Rouge Cuvée Combe Sauvage is a versatile food companion, capable of gracing a variety of dishes. Here are some exceptional pairings to consider:

  • Hearty Meat Dishes:  This wine stands up beautifully to bold flavours. Consider pairing it with grilled lamb chops, herb-roasted duck breast, or a hearty beef stew. The peppery notes in the wine complement the richness of the meat, while the fruitiness cuts through the fat, creating a harmonious balance.
  • Spicy Cuisine: The Combe Sauvage's peppery character makes it a natural match for spicy food. Pair it with a Moroccan tagine, a peppery steak au poivre, or a rich Indian curry. The wine's tannins will help cleanse the palate between bites, allowing you to fully appreciate the complex flavours of the dish.
  • Charcuterie and Cheese:  For a more casual occasion, create a charcuterie board featuring cured meats like salami and prosciutto, alongside hard cheeses like aged Gouda or Comté. The Combe Sauvage's robust character will complement the savoury flavours of the charcuterie, while the fruitiness will create a delightful contrast with the cheese.

A Commitment to Quality

The Domaine de Fontavin is dedicated to organic viticulture. They cultivate their vines using traditional methods and enrich the soil with sheep compost, promoting a healthy ecosystem for the grapes. This commitment to sustainability is evident in the purity and vibrancy of the Combe Sauvage.

A Note on Maturation

While the Domaine de Fontavin Gigondas Rouge Cuvée Combe Sauvage is enjoyable when young, it also possesses the potential to age gracefully for 8-10 years. Cellaring this wine will allow the tannins to soften further, and the fruit character to evolve, offering a more complex drinking experience.

In Conclusion

The Domaine de Fontavin Gigondas Rouge Cuvée Combe Sauvage is a captivating expression of the Southern Rhône Valley. This organic red wine offers a delightful balance of fruit, spice, and earthiness, making it a perfect choice for a variety of culinary adventures. With its versatility and ageing potential, the Combe Sauvage is sure to become a treasured addition to your wine cellar.

Order yours today from The General Wine Company and embark on a flavourful journey through the heart of the Rhône Valley!


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