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Cedric Lathuiliere Fleurie 37.5cl

Cedric Lathuiliere Fleurie 37.5cl

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Unveiling a Beaujolais Gem: A Tasting Note for Cedric Lathuiliere Fleurie 37.5cl

The Cedric Lathuiliere Fleurie 37.5cl is a captivating bottle showcasing the best of Beaujolais. Hailing from the Fleurie cru, a prestigious area known for its finesse and complexity, this wine is a delightful expression of Gamay grapes. This tasting note delves into the sensory experience of Cedric Lathuiliere Fleurie, exploring its aromas, flavours, and ideal food pairings.

In the Glass: A Visual Delight

Pouring the Cedric Lathuiliere Fleurie reveals a vibrant and inviting colour. Expect a deep ruby robe with hints of garnet, characteristic of youthful Beaujolais wines. The clarity of the wine hints at its careful production, promising a pure and expressive drinking experience. As you swirl the wine in the glass, observe the viscosity. A medium body is expected, offering a balance between weight and elegance.

Aromatic Journey: Floral Nuances and Earthy Depths

On the nose, the Cedric Lathuiliere Fleurie presents a captivating interplay of aromas. The dominance of Gamay shines through, offering primary fruit characters. Look for hints of red cherry, cranberry, and perhaps a touch of raspberry. These vibrant fruit notes are complemented by a surprising layer of floral intrigue. Delicate aromas of violets and roses may emerge, adding a touch of perfume to the bouquet. As the wine opens up, subtle earthy notes can develop, hinting at mineral-rich soils and underlying complexity.

On the Palate: A Dance of Fruit, Spice, and Earth

The first sip of Cedric Lathuiliere Fleurie reveals a wine that is both refreshing and flavourful. The medium body carries the flavours beautifully, offering a satisfying texture without being overpoweringly heavy. The initial burst of fruitiness echoes the aromas, with red cherry and cranberry taking centre stage. A hint of spice, like white pepper or cardamom, may emerge on the mid-palate, adding a touch of intrigue. The influence of the Fleurie terroir becomes apparent as the wine develops. Earthy notes, hinting at mushrooms or damp stone, add a layer of complexity and depth. The balanced acidity, a hallmark of Beaujolais wines, ensures a lively and refreshing finish that leaves you wanting more.

Food Pairings to Elevate the Experience

The Cedric Lathuiliere Fleurie is a versatile wine that can be enjoyed with a variety of dishes. Its fruitiness and acidity make it a natural pairing for lighter fare. Here are some suggestions to elevate your dining experience:

  • Charcuterie and Cheese:  The wine's vibrant fruit notes beautifully complement cured meats like prosciutto or salami. Creamy cheeses like brie or camembert also create a delightful contrast.
  • Poultry:  Roasted chicken or duck pair wonderfully with the Cedric Lathuiliere Fleurie. The fruitiness of the wine enhances the flavour of the poultry, while the acidity cuts through richness.
  • Salmon:  This versatile fish takes well to the wine's profile.  Grilled or pan-seared salmon with a light sauce allows the delicate flavours of both the wine and the fish to shine.
  • Vegetarian Options:  For vegetarians, consider dishes that incorporate earthy flavours that complement the wine's minerality. Lentil ragout or mushroom risotto are excellent choices.

Beyond the Bottle: The Allure of Fleurie Cru

The Cedric Lathuiliere Fleurie 37.5cl is a testament to the quality wines produced in the Fleurie cru. This prestigious area in Beaujolais is known for its granitic soils, which impart a unique minerality to the wines. The combination of these soils, the sunshine-drenched slopes, and the meticulous work of Cedric Lathuiliere results in a wine that is both elegant and expressive.


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