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De Bortoli Willowglen Chardonnay

De Bortoli Willowglen Chardonnay

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Discover the crisp and vibrant flavours of De Bortoli Willowglen Chardonnay, a delightful wine from the renowned Riverina wine region in Australia. This elegant Chardonnay offers a symphony of fresh fruit aromas, a creamy texture, and beautifully balanced acidity, making it a fantastic addition to your wine collection and a perfect match for various dishes.

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: De Bortoli Willowglen Chardonnay displays a pale straw colour with delicate greenish hues, hinting at its youthful vibrancy.
  • Aroma: The wine immediately captivates the senses with a burst of fresh stone fruits like peach and nectarine. These are intertwined with subtle notes of melon, citrus blossom, and a touch of creamy vanilla from light oak ageing.
  • Palate: On the palate, this Chardonnay reveals a delightful medium body and a refreshingly crisp acidity. Flavours of ripe peach, melon, and a hint of tropical pineapple come to the forefront. These are complemented by a creamy texture, a touch of subtle oak, and a clean, zesty finish.

Food Matches

De Bortoli Willowglen Chardonnay's versatility makes it a fantastic pairing partner for numerous dishes. Here are some excellent choices:

  • Seafood: This Chardonnay's crispness and bright fruit flavours beautifully complement a variety of seafood dishes. Try it with grilled fish like salmon or halibut, pan-seared scallops with a citrus beurre blanc, or a classic shrimp scampi.
  • Poultry: De Bortoli Willowglen Chardonnay makes a wonderful match with chicken dishes. Consider pairing with a roast chicken with lemon and herbs, a creamy chicken pasta, or a chicken Caesar salad.
  • Vegetarian: The wine's creamy texture and subtle oak notes harmonise with vegetarian dishes. Enjoy it with a creamy risotto, roasted butternut squash with feta, or a vegetable quiche.
  • Lighter Appetisers: Serve alongside a cheese and charcuterie board. The Chardonnay's acidity and fruitiness balance nicely with soft cheeses like brie or goat cheese, and cured meats.

The De Bortoli Difference

The De Bortoli winemaking philosophy emphasises creating wines that reflect the unique characteristics of Australia's diverse wine regions. Willowglen Chardonnay is a shining example of this commitment. It showcases the Riverina region's ability to produce vibrant, fruit-forward Chardonnays with a touch of elegance from subtle oak influence.

Discovering De Bortoli Willowglen Chardonnay

This approachable and food-friendly wine offers exceptional value for its quality. If you are a fan of fresh, fruity Chardonnays with a balanced touch of oak, De Bortoli Willowglen Chardonnay is definitely worth exploring.

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