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Château Grand Moulin Vieilles Vignes

Château Grand Moulin Vieilles Vignes

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Unveiling Chateau Grand Moulin Vieilles Vignes: A Rich Corbières with Depth and Elegance

Calling all red wine enthusiasts!  Are you seeking a full-bodied French delight that offers both power and finesse? Then look no further than the Chateau Grand Moulin Vieilles Vignes, a captivating Corbières from the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Here at The General Wine Company, we're thrilled to share an in-depth exploration of this impressive wine, guiding you through its character, food pairings, and the story behind the bottle.

A Look at the Wine:

Chateau Grand Moulin Vieilles Vignes translates to "Old Vines" in English, hinting at the heart of this wine's personality. The grapes used in its production come from mature vines, known for concentrating flavour and complexity in the fruit.  This translates to a wine brimming with character.

Tasting Profile:

  • Colour: Expect a deep ruby red core with enticing purple hues, a telltale sign of a full-bodied red.
  • Aroma: On the nose, a symphony of aromas awaits. Rich black fruits like plums and blackberries take centre stage, complemented by earthy notes of liquorice and the characteristic garrigue herbs of the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Hints of spice add an intriguing complexity, piquing your interest for the first sip.
  • Palate: The first sip of Chateau Grand Moulin Vieilles Vignes delivers on the promise of its aroma. Full-bodied and powerful, the wine explodes with flavours of dark fruit, complemented by the subtle warmth of peppery spice. Despite its intensity, the tannins are surprisingly smooth and well-integrated, thanks to the clever use of partial ageing in French oak barrels for 12 months. This ageing process adds a touch of sophistication and elegance, ensuring the wine remains balanced and eminently drinkable.

Food Pairings:

Chateau Grand Moulin Vieilles Vignes is a versatile food pairing companion. Its robust character makes it a perfect match for equally bold dishes. Here are some suggestions to elevate your dining experience:

  • Red Meat: This wine craves the company of hearty red meats. Grilled steaks, braised lamb shanks, or a comforting beef casserole will find perfect harmony with the Vieilles Vignes' power and structure.
  • Rich Sauces: The full-bodied nature of the wine stands up beautifully to rich sauces. Pair it with dishes featuring mushroom sauces, a decadent daube, or even a hearty pasta dish with a ragu.
  • Game: Wild boar stew, venison casserole, or duck à l'orange are excellent choices for a truly memorable meal. The wine's earthy notes will complement the gaminess of the meat, creating a delightful synergy.
  • Strong Cheeses: For cheese lovers, explore robust cheeses like aged cheddar, Gruyère, or a mature Gouda. The wine's tannins will cut through the creaminess of the cheese, creating a satisfying contrast.

The Story of Chateau Grand Moulin:

Chateau Grand Moulin is a family-run winery nestled in the heart of the Corbières region.  Steeped in tradition, the estate boasts a long history of winemaking, dating back to the 18th century.  The current generation, passionate about preserving their heritage while embracing innovation, has established a reputation for crafting exceptional wines that showcase the unique terroir of Corbières.

Why Choose The General Wine Company?

At The General Wine Company, we are passionate about sharing our love of great wines with our customers.  We source our wines directly from esteemed producers like Chateau Grand Moulin, ensuring you receive the highest quality product at a competitive price.

Ready to Experience Chateau Grand Moulin Vieilles Vignes?

Look no further than The General Wine Company!  Explore our website today to add this captivating Corbières to your basket and embark on a delightful journey of flavour.  With its depth, elegance, and versatility, Chateau Grand Moulin Vieilles Vignes is sure to become a new favourite in your wine collection.


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