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Casa Vinicola Botter Arché Trebbiano, Rubicone IGT

Casa Vinicola Botter Arché Trebbiano, Rubicone IGT

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Casa Vinicola Botter Arché Trebbiano, Rubicone IGT: A Crisp Exploration of Italian Terroir

Uncork a taste of Emilia-Romagna with the Casa Vinicola Botter Arché Trebbiano, Rubicone IGT. This invigorating white wine showcases the potential of the Trebbiano grape, also known as Bianchello, grown in the unique Rubicone IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) territory.

Grape Composition and Appellation:

The Arché Trebbiano is crafted using 100% Trebbiano grapes, a versatile white variety renowned for its crisp acidity and bright fruit character. The Rubicone IGT designation signifies that the grapes originate from a specific area within Emilia-Romagna, where climatic conditions and soil composition influence the wine's style.

Tasting Profile:

  • Aroma: The Arché Trebbiano opens with an inviting bouquet of fresh citrus notes. Think lively lemon and grapefruit zest, intertwined with hints of white peach and pear for a touch of sweetness. Delicate floral nuances of honeysuckle and acacia blossom add a layer of elegance, while subtle minerality hints at the influence of the terroir.
  • Palate: The initial impressions on the nose translate beautifully to the palate. The wine boasts a crisp and refreshing character, with bright acidity that provides a lively structure. Flavours of citrus and stone fruits, echoing the aromas, are complemented by a touch of green apple and almond on the mid-palate. The minerality, subtle on the nose, becomes more prominent on the taste buds, offering refreshing complexity and a hint of salinity. This interplay of flavours creates a well-balanced and enjoyable white wine.

Food Pairing:

The versatility of the Botter Arché Trebbiano makes it a perfect partner for a variety of dishes. Here are some suggested food matches to elevate your dining experience:

  • Seafood: The wine's crisp acidity and zesty citrus character pair beautifully with light seafood dishes. Grilled fish, shellfish, or fresh salads with grilled shrimp or scallops are excellent choices.
  • Creamy Pasta: The bright acidity cuts through the richness of creamy pasta dishes, creating a delightful balance.
  • Light Cheeses: Enjoy the Arché Trebbiano with a selection of mild or creamy cheeses for a delightful appetiser pairing.
  • Spicy or Herb-infused Asian Cuisine: The wine's acidity acts as a perfect foil for the heat and aromatics of Asian cuisine, making it a great match for spicy curries or herb-infused stir-fries.

Serving Suggestions:

To fully appreciate the refreshing qualities of the Botter Arché Trebbiano, serve it well chilled, ideally between 8-10°C. This temperature range preserves the wine's crisp acidity and enhances the vibrant citrus and mineral notes.


The Botter Arché Trebbiano is intended to be enjoyed young, within a year or two of purchase. While it may develop some subtle complexities with short-term cellaring, it's best enjoyed for its freshness and vibrancy.


The Casa Vinicola Botter Arché Trebbiano, Rubicone IGT offers a delightful exploration of Italian white wine. This Trebbiano-based wine is a refreshing choice for any occasion, from casual weekday meals to summer picnics. Its versatility with food makes it a valuable addition to your cellar, waiting to be paired with your next culinary adventure.

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