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Absolut Vanilla Vodka

Absolut Vanilla Vodka

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Absolut Vanilla Vodka: A Deep Dive into Sweet, Smooth Swedish Luxury


Absolut Vanilla Vodka, hailing from the renowned Swedish brand Absolut, takes the world's favourite spirit and infuses it with the rich, creamy essence of vanilla. This flavoured vodka caters to those with a sweet tooth and those who enjoy experimenting with complex cocktails.

This detailed tasting guide explores Absolut Vanilla Vodka in all its glory, delving into its aroma, flavour profile, and ideal serving suggestions.

Aroma: A Symphony of Sweetness

Upon pouring Absolut Vanilla Vodka, a wave of enticing aromas greets the nose. The dominant note is, of course, vanilla, but it's not a one-dimensional experience. Absolut uses real, natural vanilla for its production, and this translates into a complex and layered aroma. The vanilla presents itself in various forms – sweet Madagascar vanilla bean, hints of creamy vanilla custard, and a touch of buttery vanilla frosting.

Beneath the vanilla's embrace, subtle whispers of other sweet elements emerge. Delicate caramel notes add a touch of richness, reminiscent of butterscotch candies or the caramelised crust of a crème brûlée. Hints of dark chocolate peek through, adding depth and a touch of sophistication. The overall impression is one of luxurious sweetness, inviting and intriguing.

Taste: A Smooth & Surprising Journey

The first sip of Absolut Vanilla Vodka is a delightful surprise. Despite the rich vanilla aromas, the vodka itself is remarkably smooth. The signature smoothness of Absolut vodka forms the base, ensuring a clean and easy drinking experience. The vanilla flavour then takes centre stage, coating the palate with its creamy sweetness. It's not an overpowering sweetness, however. Absolut expertly balances the vanilla with a subtle bitterness, preventing it from becoming cloying.

The promised notes of butterscotch and dark chocolate come through subtly on the taste buds. The butterscotch adds a touch of buttery richness, while the dark chocolate offers a hint of cocoa depth that lingers on the finish. The absence of added sugar is a key aspect of Absolut Vanilla. This allows the natural flavours to shine through, creating a complex and sophisticated taste profile.

Finish: A Lingering Sweetness

The finish of Absolut Vanilla Vodka is smooth and pleasant. The creamy vanilla lingers on the palate, slowly fading away with hints of caramel and dark chocolate. The bitterness from the vodka base remains subtle, ensuring a well-rounded and balanced experience.

Serving Suggestions: Unleash Your Inner Mixologist

Absolut Vanilla Vodka's versatility makes it a perfect base for a wide range of cocktails. Here are a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:

  • The Vanilla Espresso Martini: A decadent twist on the classic espresso martini. Combine Absolut Vanilla Vodka with coffee liqueur, espresso, and a touch of simple syrup for a delicious pick-me-up.
  • The Vanilla Breeze: A light and refreshing summer cocktail. Mix Absolut Vanilla Vodka with pineapple juice, a squeeze of lime, and garnish with a mint sprig.
  • The Chocolate Cherry Vanilla: A dessert-inspired delight. Combine Absolut Vanilla Vodka with chocolate liqueur, grenadine, and a splash of cream for a luxurious after-dinner drink.

Beyond Cocktails: Simple Pleasures

Absolut Vanilla Vodka can also be enjoyed on its own. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Neat: For the true vanilla enthusiast, Absolut Vanilla Vodka can be savoured neat, allowing the full complexity of its flavour profile to be appreciated.
  • On the Rocks: For a slightly chilled and diluted experience, serve Absolut Vanilla Vodka on the rocks.

In Conclusion: A Sweet Escape with Absolut Vanilla

Absolut Vanilla Vodka is a delightful flavoured vodka that caters to those with a penchant for sweet spirits. Its complex aroma and flavour profile, featuring rich vanilla, subtle caramel, and a hint of dark chocolate, make it a truly enjoyable experience. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or used as a base for creative cocktails, Absolut Vanilla Vodka offers a touch of luxury and sweetness to any occasion.


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